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The best winter outings in the area
Of course there is a lot to do at Duinrell, but are you looking for a nice winter outing near Duinrell? You don't have to look any further, because we have listed the best winter outings.
The Jones Family at holiday park Duinrell
The Jones Family was staying in our new accommodation 'Oranjerie', which is an authentic and luxurious family villa! They have made a vlog of their stay at holiday park Duinrell, check it out!
Tips for sightseeing in Wassenaar
Duinrell is situated in the middle of the picturesque village of Wassenaar. In the rest of the Netherlands the village is mainly known for its many villas and large country houses, but there is much more fun to see and do in Wassenaar. Read our favorite tips for sights in Wassenaar!
Fun things to do in The Hague
At Duinrell there is of course plenty to do, but would you still like to do something fun outside our holiday park? Then go to The Hague for a day! Of course you can go to the famous places like the Binnenhof and the Vredespaleis, but we also give you some extra tips.
Your first Dutch words
Goedendag? Dankjewel? Of course, we speak the English language well at Duinrell, but it's always nice to learn some Dutch words. Isn't it? Well, here they come!
The ideal packing list for your holiday
We are sure you know it, the stress before you go on holiday. Have you packed everything? Didn't you forget anything? Don't worry! With this packing list you can easily strip everything off and you only have to pack everything. Then you can enjoy a carefree holiday to Duinrell!
Bezig met laden
Bezig met laden