85 years of fun for the family at Duinrell

As early as 1646 there was a farm in Wassenaar: the Duinrell farm. A large estate surrounded it, which since 1935 has been developed into the holiday and amusement park that, by now, is enjoyed by over a million people every year. Go back in time with us and discover the multi-faceted history of Duinrell.


Duinrell Estate is open to the public

Good Friday 1935 was definitely a very good Friday. On 19 April 1935, Duinrell opened for the public for the first time. The guests could visit restaurant the Schaapskooi and the Oranjerie for something to eat and a nice cup of tea.


The first ski run in the Netherlands

On 30 October 1938, something very special happened. The first ski run in the Netherlands was opened. And the most extraordinary thing was: at Duinrell, you weren’t skiing on snow but on pine needles. 


The first visitors camped at Duinrell

Our first visitors camped at Duinrell. There was no formal camping ground location yet. Small tents were put up where the Take away Paardenstal and Bumperfrogs are these days.


Campsite Duinrell was a fact

H.R.J. Count van Zuylen van Nijevelt married his Clarine, and as a wedding gift, they got 10 hectares of land at Duinrell. He opened a bank account in the name of Camping Duinrell, and the first real camping site at Duinrell was a fact.


H.R.J. Count van Zuylen van Nijevelt obtained ownership

H.R.J. van Zuylen van Nijevelt takes over Duinrell from his mother and opens ‘Camping Duinrell’. He started to further develop Duinrell as a recreational estate.


New plans

H.R.J. Count van Zuylen van Nijevelt lists his desires for the estate in a green notebook and by this time he starts to elaborate them. The playing grounds are expanded, a pedal car track is laid, as well as a runway for sleds, and a fairy-tale forest is created. Wonderland is constructed as well.


The first swimming pool at Duinrell

The outdoor pool was a major investment, but H.R.J. Count van Zuylen van Nijevelt made it very clear: "A camping site needs to have a swimming pool." And so the pool was built.


A bigger campsite

The camping is so popular that the site cannot house all campers. It is about time to set up the Island as a campsite, too.


Rick the Frog

This year, a very special guest was introduced at Duinrell: Rick the Frog. And... he never left. Thankfully not! The frog has been attending every official moment since 1978. He didn’t get his name until 1997, thanks to a contest: Rick the Frog.


Opening Tiki Pool

H.R.J. Count van Zuylen van Nijevelt knew from the very first moment that the Tiki Pool had to be something very special. He wanted an aquatic park with lots of slides. In order to realise this he went to England, where he developed the waterslides himself. When it opened on 19 April 1984 the Tiki Pool consisted of a wave pool, two waterslides and a whirlpool.


The very first rollercoaster

Duinrell gets its very first rollercoaster. The rollercoaster Kikkerachtbaan is an attraction for the entire family and does not make a looping. The construction of the rollercoaster Kikkerachtbaan was a real puzzle as all the trees were spared.


New attractions

H.R.J. Count van Zuylen van Nijevelt annually visits different amusement parks abroad. He finds inspiration and adorned Duinrell with the Monorail, the whirligig Aqua Swing, a Ferris wheel, and a brand new entry.


The first Duingalows

The first 67 Duingalows are constructed at Duinrell. Also the Duinhostel, previously in use as coach house, is furnished as a guest house.


Opening Splash

The Splash is built. Because all the necessary wood had to be shipped in from the U.S. in many containers, it wasn’t entirely clear we were going to pull it off on time, either. Fortunately it all turned out alright, and our guests have enjoyed this splashing extravaganza for 25 years.


The Tiki Pool is getting bigger

Exactly ten years after opening to the public, the time had come for more water-based fun. In 1994, the pool was expanded, creating space for no fewer than nine new slides. From that moment onwards, you could slide your way down more than 1 kilometre of slides in the Tiki Pool. With this, the Tiki Pool had become the largest waterslide paradise of the Benelux.


Duinrell is handed over to the sons

The time has come for H.R.J. van Zuylen van Nijevelt to pass the baton to his sons. From now on, Philip and Roderick take charge of daily management of Duinrell. H.R.J. van Zuylen van Nijevelt becomes Chief Executive Officer and advises his sons whenever big decisions are to be made.



A super exciting attraction is being planned: the Falcon. In just 75 seconds, you will take a vertical plunge and complete a loop and a corkscrew! Big thrills!



The Dragonfly is built and this is quite a big undertaking. This rollercoaster is actually built around the trees. Not one single tree was cut down.


Wild Wings

In 2016, ‘do-it-yourself’ got a whole new meaning thanks to the attraction Wild Wings. In this high-flyer attraction, you decide how often you're flying upside down!


Opening Triton and Kids water park Playa

In this year, water park Tikibad became even much more fun! Especially for our smallest guests. Kids water park Playa offers hours of splashing fun and slides that are perfect for their age. An extra 41 new Duingalows and 4 new camping sites are also added for even more holiday fun at Duinrell!


Tiki Pool goes outdoors

Following the construction of the triple cone slide Triton and the kids water park Playa in 2017, the Tiki Pool was expanded outdoors. This new outdoor area consists of a heated outdoor pool, five new slides and a water playground. In addition to the expansion of the Tiki Pool, Duinrell were also working hard on renovating and expanding the holiday park. There came new 5-person lodge tents, new luxurious Premium Plus Duingalows and the luxurious group accommodation Oranjerie.


Duinrell exists 85 years

In honour of our 85th anniversary, the entrance to the attractions was renewed with a cosy square and a bronze statue of Rick the Frog. The campsite was expanded and got a number of places with private sanitary facilities and at the Duinvallei we placed another 15 luxury lodge tents. The amusement park was also renovated: Indoor playground Rick's Fun Factory was rebuilt and the bumper cars were completely renewed.


New accommodations

The year 2021 was all about expansions in our holiday park. We placed 19 new luxury Premium Plus Duingalows, 12 new luxury Lodgetents for 5, 6 and 7 persons and we placed a Tiny House (Premium Duingalow for 5 persons).


Holiday park expansion

We continue to renew and expand our family estate! In 2022 we expand the holiday park with new Lodgetents, three iconic Airstreams and the reception will be completely renewed. This year we will also install two new padel courts and a new volleyball court.

Duinrell today

Duinrell today

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