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Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to print my e-ticket?

Yes. All e-tickets must be printed.

2. Where can I find the map of the amusement park?

View the amusement park map here.

3. What is the price of admission to the Tiki Pool?

4. What is the price of admission to the amusement park?

The amusement park is only open on selected days in the winter period. This means that on those days several attractions will be opened for our guests. You can find these days here. To access the open attractions on these days you have to buy tickets for the Tiki Pool.

5. If I have already booked, but a discount is offered later, can I make use of that?

No, you cannot. When you book a stay at Duinrell, the lowest price is offered at the time of booking. In the event that a discount is offered at a later stage, it is not valid for bookings that have already been made.

6. Is there any information available to help pupils and students with talks, projects, presentations or dissertations?

Yes, an information package has been put together for this purpose. To request this package free of charge, send an e-mail to We regret that we are unable to assist with projects, research or interviews

7. Are there wheelchairs available at Duinrell?

Yes, wheelchairs are available at Duinrell! Duinrell has a limited number of wheelchairs available, which, based on availability, can be loaned for €1.50 for a visit to the amusement park. You can reserve a wheelchair at the bicycle hire of Duinrell up until one day prior to your visit via telephone number: +31 (0)70 515 5124 or by sending an e-mail to

8. I have a discount voucher, what now?

You can only use your discount voucher if you have it printed out with you. Not printed vouchers are not eligible. Discount vouchers are not allowed to be used with already bought tickets.

9. Do I need to reserve admission tickets to the amusement park?

Reserving admission to the amusement park is not needed, but you can buy e-tickets  for the amusement park online. With an e-ticket you can directly proceed to ticket control at the entrance of the park.

10. Am I assured to enter the Tiki Pool with my e-ticket?

No, your e-ticket isn’t a reservation. On several days it can be really busy and we will have to close the doors of the Tiki Pool temporarily because the maximum capacity is reached. Every half hour we will check if we can let more people enter the Tiki Pool. We don’t distinct people with an e-ticket or not.

11. How can I use the lockers?

In the downstairs locker rooms you can use your entree-ticket to open and close the locker. The upstairs changing rooms have a numeral code lock. You can create your own unique code and open/close the locker with it. You don’t need money.

12. Am I allowed in the Tiki Pool with an automated wheelchair?

We would advise you against entering the Tiki Pool with an automated or electric wheelchair due to the damp conditions.

13. Can my stroller or buggy enter the Tiki Pool?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. There is a stroller space where you can park your stroller. At the cash registrar of the Tiki Pool you can get a lock to be sure that your stroller is safe. (there is a € 10.- deposit) We advise you to take the Maxi Cosi with you, the Maxi Cosi is allowed inside the Tiki Pool.

14. What are the cancellation rules?

We recommend that you make use of the Duinrell cancellation arrangement. This arrangement covers the cost of cancellation in many circumstances, such as the sickness or death of a direct relative (until 24 hours before arrival) For this you pay a one-off charge of 5.0% of the total booking sum plus a fixed charge of € 5.50.

For cancellation (with or without the Duinrell cancellation arrangement) without a valid reason, Duinrell charges a percentage of the agreed price. This is:

  • With a cancellation, 3 months before the date of arrival, 15% of the price;
  • With a cancellation between 3-2 months before the date of arrival, 50% of the price;
  • With a cancellation between 2-1 months before the date of arrival, 75% of the price;
  • With a cancellation within a month before the date of arrival, 90% of the price;
  • With a cancellation on the day of arrival, 100% of the agreed price

15. When will I receive a response to my email about my cancellation?

You will receive a response within 7 working days.

16. I would like to submit a request for sponsorship. Is this possible?

No, unfortunately this isn’t possible. Every year we receive a lot of applications for sponsoring. Since we cannot honour all these applications, Duinrell management has decided to sponsor one foundation, which is ‘stichting Opkikker’. This foundation organizes special days out for seriously ill children and their families.

17. What is the temperature of the Tiki Pool?

We try to keep the Tiki Pool temperature between 29 and 30 degrees.

18. Are any special offers currently available or planned for the future?

Duinrell never announces special offers in advance. Our “partners in action” announce these offers themselves via their own channels of communication.

19. I want to enter the Tiki Pool but I don’t want to swim, do I have to buy a ticket?

You are at all times obligated to buy an admission ticket when you want to enter the Tiki Pool. You are allowed to enter the Tiki Pool with your clothes on. At the entrée of the Tiki Pool there is a waiting room where you can wait without having to buy a ticket.

20. How many cars can be parked at the Duingalow?

Only one car (without trailer etc.) can be parked at each Duingalow. If you have a second car, you have to announce this upon your arrival. This second car can be parked in car park P4 for € 4.25 per car per night.

21. We would like to use Duinrell images or text. Is this possible?

No, without express permission from Duinrell’s marketing and communications department you are not allowed to use any images, illustrations and/or logos from the website in any way whatsoever. All information on this website is intended for informative purposes only and cannot be used for commercial ends.

22. Do restrictions apply to any of the attractions?

Yes, some attractions have height, weight or age requirements. These requirements are stated on the instruction signs next to the attraction, at the entrance to the amusement park and on our website. Click here for the safety rules that apply in the amusement park.

23. Are there any special offers available?

You can find special offers or last minute deals at our Search and book page. Do you prefer camping? Take a look at the camping package deals

24. What are the safety rules of the Tiki Pool?

Our number one priority is our vistors and their safety. See all the safety-rules here.

25. What are the opening hours of the Tiki Pool?

Check the Tiki Pool opening hours here.

26. Where do I pay for parking and what is the price?

Parking coins can be bought at the cashier at the entrance of the amusement park. The price for parking is € 9,-. 

27. I have lost my belonging. Where can I report this?

Have you lost your belonging at Duinrell? We would like to help you find it. Please fill in the form. Don’t forget to mention your personal information and the date of your visit or reservation number. 

28. Can I send a letter, drawing or photo to Rick the Frog?

Yes, Rick the Frog loves to receive letters! You can send these to Duinrell at the following address:

Holiday and amusement park Duinrell
Attn. Rick the Frog
Duinrell 1
The Netherlands 

29. Is there any Duinrell music (Kwakus Kwebbel Show, Kikkerbaas) available on cd?

Yes, cd’s are for sale in the park for only € 8.95. Unfortunately ordering the cd isn’t possible.

30. Is there a baby pool available at the Tiki Pool?

A children's pool is available at the Tiki Pool.

31. Can I leave the swimming costumes and towels in the car and collect them before we go to the Tiki Pool?

Yes, as long as you inform the ticket office or gatekeeper. You will then be readmitted to the park upon presentation of your admission ticket. You can also rent a locker at the information kiosk.

32. Is it possible to only visit the Tiki Pool?

Yes, this is possible when the amusement park is closed. Check the opening hours. 

33. Are special discounts and package deals available to groups?

Yes, groups of at least 20 people can obtain a special discount. Interesting package deals can also be booked. Click here for more information.

34. What are the conditions to change my reservation?

When you have made a reservation for a Duingalow, an alteration charge of € 20 per alteration applies. For changes in a reservation for the camping site or the Duinhostel the  alteration charge is € 15.- per alteration. To make an alteration in your reservations, please call our reservations department at 0031 (0)70 5155 255 during office hours.

35. We are staying in a Duingalow. What will it cost if we want to spend more time in the Tiki Pool?

When the amusement park is open, Duingalow guests can visit the Tiki Pool free of charge for two hours between 10 am and 2 pm. If you want to stay in the pool longer, you have to pay an extra € 1.- p.p. per 30 minutes extra upon leaving the Tiki Pool. If you want to visit the pool at a different time, this costs € 5 p.p. per two hours and € 1.- p.p. per 30 minutes extra. During the winter season you have free access to the Tiki Pool all day long.

36. We are staying at Holiday park Duinrell. Is it possible to welcome visitors?

Yes, visitors of guests staying at the park can obtain reduced admission to Duinrell. If you buy extra tickets when you book or at the reception desk during your stay, your friends, relatives or neighbors can buy tickets for € 24,50 per person (in the winter two hours entry to the Tiki Pool included). During opening hours of the amusement park visitors of our guests only have access to the park when in possession of a valid ticket. Visitors receiving in the evening? From the closing time of the amusement park visitors can buy visitor tickets for € 5, - per person (plus € 50, - deposit).

37. Is it possible to inspect the Duingalows in advance?

Yes, but this is only possible upon request and if a Duingalow is available. You will be given a key in exchange for your proof of identity.

38. Is it possible to stay at a Duingalow in a wheelchair?

Yes, the Premium Plus type and Premium type Duingalows are suitable for wheelchairs.

39. What time do we have to report to the reception desk on the day of arrival?

The reception is open until 9 pm. After 9 pm you can report to the gatekeeper. You can drive your car onto the site until 11 pm. After 11 pm you can park in our parking near the entrance and walk to the Duingalow or campsite.

40. When will I receive my Duinrell ID and parking card for my stay?

You will only receive your ID and parking ticket beforehand when you stay at the campsite. These are sent to you about a week in advance. When you stay in a Duingalow or in the Duinhostel, you will receive your Duinrell ID and parking card on arrival.

41. I have received my Duinrell ID and parking card for my stay and I have questions about this.

Contact us about this by email ( or phone (070 5155 255).

42. Do I have to have a passport photo in order to stay at Holiday park Duinrell?

Yes, in order to gain access to the park you are obligated to present your Duinrell pass as proof of identity. A recent passport photo (or copy) is needed for this pass. You can bring this photo with you from home or have it taken at the park.

43. Is wifi available at Holiday park Duinrell?

Yes, wifi is available for an additional charge in all Duingalows, the Duinhostel and on the camp sites Paardewei, Romantisch Kamp, Middenveld, Eiland and Overloop. Please note that wifi is not available on all camp sites. Please check out the rates and more info about wifi at Duinrell.

44. Is there bedding available in the Duingalow?

Yes, the price of the Duingalow includes bed linen. This is available for you in your Duingalow on arrival.

45. I do not want to book a whole week on the campsite. Can I also book a shorter stay?

We can not guarantee this, but you can always call our reservations department (070 5155 255). Our reservation staff can check availability for fewer nights.

46. Up to what age are children admitted free of charge?

Children aged two and younger have free entry to the amusement park and Tiki Pool.

47. What are the opening hours for the amusement park?

Check the amusement park opening hours.

48. Is it allowed to BBQ at Duinrell?

Yes, however you would need to provide your own bbq.

49. Is a heating system available in the Duingalows?

Yes, all Duingalows have a heating system.

50. Is it possible to visit the amusement park and the Tiki Pool on the arrival day before I can pick up the key?

Yes, it is. On your arrival day you are welcome to visit the amusement park and the Tiki Pool from 10 am by showing your Duinrell ID.

51. Where can I find the park map?

The park map can be found  in the left menu under Duingalows and Camping. We offer you the option to select a Duingalow or camping pitch on your preferred location on the park map. View the park map here and select your Duingalow or camping pitch.

52. Are pets allowed at Duinrell?

In the special Pet Duingalows a maximum of two pets are allowed. At the campsite, in the amusement park and in the woodland and dune areas, pets are allowed as long as they are kept on the leash. In the Duinhostel pets are not allowed.

53. What are preferential costs by making a reservation?

You could state a preference when booking a special or specific pitch or a particular location. A fee of € 20.00/€ 15.00 is charged for preferential booking. If you book with preference, the accommodation/pitch number will be quoted on you confirmation. If you have no stated any preference, you will be told the number of your Duingalow/pitch upon arrival.

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Tina Festival

Tina Festival

The amusement park and Tiki Pool are closed this Saturday and Sunday because of Tina Festival.

*does not apply to guests of the holiday park
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