The holiday park of Duinrell lies between the dunes and the forest. The place for a wonderful holiday with the kids or the entire family.

Amusement park

Whether you love loopings or prefer to take it easy, Duinrell has something for everyone with more than forty attractions. From Wonderland and the large playground for children to the exciting Falcon and Wild Wings. During your holiday on Duinrell you always have free access to the amusement park.


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Water Park Tiki Pool

The Water park Tiki Pool has been the largest indoor slide paradise in the Benelux for many years. Young and old experience a lot of aquatic fun! Children smaller than 120 cm can play (together with mum and dad) in kids waterpark Playa. For everyone taller than 120 cm there are more than ten spectacular slides! During your holiday on Duinrell you have free access to the Tiki Pool, depending on the type of accommodation.


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Outside the estate of Duinrell there are also a lot of fun things to discover. Rent a bike at the Bike Rental and discover the beautiful dunes of Mijendel or bike to the beach of Wassenaar. Fancy shopping, drinking, nice terraces and learning about the Dutch culture? Visit a nice city nearby, such as The Hague, Leiden, Amsterdam or Rotterdam or discover the picturesque city of Wassenaar.





If the kids are having fun, then you are also having a great holiday. That is why our entertainment team organizes fun activities for children during weekends and during school holidays. From the always cheerful Mini-Disco and various sports tournaments to a fun Meet & Greet with Rick the Frog.





Holiday means: to rest and enjoy your time together. With the facilities at our holiday park that will be a lot easier. Get your groceries at the Duinrell Superstore, rent a bike at the Bicyle Rental or visit the Duinrell Pub for a fun night out.


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What do our guests say?

At Duinrell we highly value your opinion about your experience with Duinrell. We take any feedback very seriously and always try to make your holiday better and better. Every year we try to work on new facilities, accomodation upgrades, expanding the themepark, expanding the aquapark tikipool and much much more! Make sure to check out all the new developments at Duinrell.


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Book your stay at Duinrell

Book your stay at Duinrell

Book your holiday in a luxurious lodge tent or in a duingalow. Every Duingalow guest has access to the theme park every day during your stay from April to October. On top of that you receive two hours of free access to the Water park Tiki Pool between 10 am and 2 pm. Outside this period, the amusement park is closed and you have unlimited access to the Tiki Pool.

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