For visitors of the amusement park and Tiki Pool

Where can I change my baby? Is Duinrell wheelchair friendly? On this page we tell you everything you need to know before you visit the amusement park and Tiki Pool!


Buy your tickets online in advance for a discount. Holiday park guests do not need to buy tickets (see access regulations).



Opening hours

The amusement park and Tiki Pool have separate opening hours. You can always find the current opening hours on our website.


Opening hours



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Park regulations

We have drawn up park rules to make everyone's visit to Duinrell as pleasant as possible. By entering Duinrell you agree to these regulations.




Are you coming by car? There are sufficient parking facilities at Duinrell. Parking costs € 15 per car (per day). Parking coins are for sale at the register.



Bicycle parking

Are you coming to Duinrell by bike? There is a bicycle parking area to the left of the entrance. Park your moped, scooter or bicycle here.

Lost and found

Did you lose something at Duinrell? We are happy to help you find it again. Fill in the lost property form.


Lost properties form


In the amusement park you will find lockers next to the toilets, opposite the "Ballenzee" and in the restaurant "de Schaapskooi" (€0.50 - €1.-). In the outdoor pool a locker costs €1.-. The lockers inside the Tiki Pool are free.

First aid

There is a first aid station in the Tiki Pool and at the reception of the holiday park. In urgent cases, please contact one of our employees immediately. AEDs are provided.

With a baby


You can change your little one in the toilets opposite the 'Ballenzee', the toilets behind the Schaapskooi restaurants (next to the Tiki Pool), the toilets in Duinrell Plaza and in the Tiki Pool. Diapers are for sale in the Superstore in Duinrell Plaza.



Want to feed in peace? Then go to the La Place restaurant in Duinrell Plaza. Do you want to heat up a bottle or jar? A microwave is available in our La Place restaurants. The employees in the restaurant are happy to help you.


Buggy parking

Buggies/prams are not allowed in the Tiki Pool and in the Zomertheater; there is a buggy shed. You can rent a lock at the ticket desk of the Tiki Pool for a € 10, - deposit. We advise you to transport your baby in a Maxi-Cosi, which may be taken along.

With a disability

Access to rides

Upon presentation of a 'autism pass' or doctor's certificate, you can access the ride via the disabled entrance (usually the exit). Visitors with a disability may visit the attraction(s) with one companion. Are you with a larger group? Then the rest can join in the regular queue. When it is their turn, you and your companion also have their turn.


Wheelchair rental

Wheelchairs can be rented at the Bicycle Rental for € 4.00 (while supplies last). Please note: € 20.00 deposit, ID required and Wheelchairs can (exclusively) be reserved by telephone: call 070 5155 124.


Safety is of paramount importance at Duinrell. That is why safety rules apply to rides in the amusement park and slides in the Tiki Pool. Follow rules and instructions, use is at your own risk.

Pets and dogs

Do you bring your pet or dog to Duinrell? You may, provided they are kept on a leash and wear the Duinrell badge (available at the ticket office). Entry to the amusement park costs €6.50 per pet. You are obliged to bring and use a 'clean-up bag'.

Pets are not allowed in the Tiki Pool, restaurants, Plaza and Summer Theatre.

Swimming gear

Want to go to the amusement park before visiting the Tiki Pool? Rent a locker or leave your gear in the car and pick it up later (report this at the cashier or porter). Forgot your swimming gear? We sell bathing suits in our shops in the amusement park.


At the entrance to the Tiki Pool we use entry gates. To open these entry gates, you must scan your ticket when entering and leaving the Tiki Pool. This can also be done from your mobile phone.


Changing time before and after swimming is 30 minutes in total.

Spend the night

Turn a day out into a holiday and stay overnight. We have Duingalows, Lodge Tents, a campsite and various group accommodations.


Holiday park


Smoking is not allowed in all covered public areas on Duinrell, in rides, in the queues of attractions, in the Tiki Pool and in your accommodation.


Were you unable to find an answer to your question? Read our frequently asked questions or contact us.

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