Duinrell cookie policy

The Duinrell websites make use of cookies. These are small files that store up your preferences while surfing and are saved on the user's computer.

Cookies have two functions. On the one hand they help the user by remembering login information, passwords and (language) preferences while surfing. On the other hand, there are cookies that register the websites that the user visits, allowing an evaluation of the users interests to be made. Cookies do not contain any personal user information. They merely retain the preferences and interests on the basis of the users surfing activity.

  • Duinrell uses cookies for the following reasons;
  • in order to analyse and/or optimise the use of our websites;
  • in order to place information more applicable to the user on our websites;
  • to perform our Duinrell marketing activities.

Removing cookies

Cookies can be blocked using the settings in your browser. Cookies can be removed at any time. You decide if you want to accept cookies. In most web browsers, cookies are automatically accepted. Adjust your browser settings if you want to block cookies. Blocking our cookies can limit the use of our sites and other sites.

Go to the special Google page for turning off Google cookies.

Go to the special page to indicate your advertising preferences.

Also read our privacy statement.

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