15x Choose Duinrell for your holiday!

Have you not yet booked your holiday? Make things easy for yourself, opt for great fun and come to Duinrell! Read on to find out what makes a Duinrell holiday unforgettable!

Delicious AND easy: cooking at Duinrell

The ultimate holiday experience? Eating in the open air! And now that the weather is so nice outside, you cannot wait to enjoy a lovely dinner in front of your tent, caravan or Duingalow in the middle of nature. Do remember these Duinrell eating tips. Let the summer begin!

King of the Tiki Pool: Triton

Giant red and blue cones that are over twenty metres tall: you cannot miss the giant waterslide Triton, even from outside the Tiki Pool. This super exciting waterslide only opened last year and has already become the uncrowned king of the Tiki Pool. 

Back in time: the opening of Duinrell Estate

Every day, thousands of people enjoy their time in Holiday and Amusement Park Duinrell. All because of the brilliant idea that Philip Jules Count Van Zuylen van Nijevelt had in early 1935. He decided to open up his own Duinrell Estate to the public.

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