Amazing theme park rides in the Netherlands

Duinrell is for all ages. Fly high, go fast and spin around! The taller you are, the more exciting the rides get. But we offer lots of great adventures for those under 120 centimetres as well. Find out which attractions you're going to visit during your Duinrell holiday, or even better: visit them all! Which one of them will become your favourite? 


It is also possible to stay at our holiday park and visit the amusement park multiple times during your holiday in Holland. Our holiday guests have free unlimited access to the amusement park. Doesn’t waking up and jumping straight into a rollercoaster sound like a dream to you? 

All attractions

All attractions
More than 40 attractions
  • Exciting rides for daredevils
  • Adventures for the little ones
  • Unlimited access for holiday park guests

Water Park Tiki Pool

Water Park Tiki Pool
21 slides + kids waterpark
  • Brand new outdoor area
  • Kids waterpark Playa (< 120 cm)
  • 2-hour daily access included with a stay in Duingalow or Lodge Tent
Discover the park

Discover the park







At the park

Shops & Games

Play the best games in Funworld and win great prizes, or buy a souvenir of your Duinrell holiday!

Food & Beverages

There are several places to visit for delicious food and drinks during your visit to the amusement park.

Practical info

Everything you need to know before you start your Duinrell day!

Enjoy thrill and family rides in a Dutch theme park

Do you want to visit a great theme park in Holland? Duinrell is the place to be for all ages. Older children and grownups can enjoy cool rides such as rollercoaster Falcon with a loop, corkscrews and a nose dive. It is furthermore thrilling for them to make a lot of rolls in aeroplane mill Wild Wings or not distinguish up from down after riding topspin Waterspin.


For families we also have nice rides at our amusement park. For example, the whole family can step in a boat from Splash. Will you come out soaked or will you take the boat with the roof to stay dry? Other cool family rides are for example our ferris wheel, bumper boats and the toboggan ride.


Apart from amazing rides, we also offer lots of places to relax and enjoy some snacks. Are you interested in delicious ice cream and sweets or would you rather enjoy a pancake, pizza or typical Dutch fries and snacks? The options are endless. Furthermore, you can also play some games in Funworld or buy a great souvenir from your stay in the shop! 


Discover the unique water park in our amusement park

In the heart of the amusement park, you’ll find the tropical Tiki Pool. With its 21 slides, it's the largest covered waterslide paradise in the whole Benelux area. Make sure to buy a  combined ticket during the amusement park’s opening hours. At night and during winter, the Tiki Pool can be visited separately. You do not want to miss these cool waterslides during your visit to Duinrell. We also have a nice water park for little children: Playa.


Theme park near Amsterdam in the Netherlands

We already mentioned it; if you stay at our holiday park you have unlimited access to our amusement park! Our holiday park is located in the middle of a national nature park, but also very close to famous Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague. Therefore during a stay at our holiday park you can enjoy Dutch nature, history and our amazing facilities on site. Rent a bike and cycle through the woods, to the beaches or dunes or go shopping or culture sniffing in Amsterdam. And when you return from your trip you can easily visit the amusement park for a quick rollercoaster ride!


Book your visit or stay at Duinrell now

Make your day out at Duinrell the longest day out in Holland and book a holiday at Duinrell now. You can stay at the campsite, in a Lodge Tent, in a holiday home (Duingalow) or even in a group accommodation! Of course it is also possible to buy a day ticket to our amusement park or in combination with access to the Tiki Pool. 


What are the opening hours of Duinrell?

Duinrell's opening hours vary from day to day. Check out this page for the current opening hours.

Where in Holland is Duinrell located?

Duinrell is located in Wassenaar. Close to the beach and the dunes. See this page for more information about the address and directions.
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