Safety rules per attraction

Check here the saftey rules per attraction. Click on the attraction to see more information.


 Aqua Shute  min. 1.20 m
 Aqua Swing  min. 1.20 m
 Bumperboats   Swimming certificate *
 Bumperfrogs  min. 1.40 m
 Carrousel  -
 Dragonfly  min. 1.00 m
 Everlasting Candle  min. 1.20 m - max 90 kg
 Falcon  min. 1.20 m
 Catapults  min. 1.40 m - max 90 kg
 Kikkerachtbaan  min. 1.20 m*
 Kikkerrad  min. 1.20 m*
 Locomotion  max. 1.40 m
 Mad Mill  min. 1.40 m - max 1.95 m
 Minitrain  -
 Monorail  min. 1.20 m*
 Niagara Superroetsj  -
 Rick's Fun Factory  max. 1.40 m
 Toboggan  min. 1.40 m
 Schip Ahoi  min. 1.20 m
 Splash  min. 1.20 m
 Playground  -
 Trampolines  -
 Waterspin  min. 1.40 m - max 1.95 m
 Wild Wings  min. 1.25 - max 1.95 m


* or supervised by an adult.






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Tina Festival

Tina Festival

The amusement park and Tiki Pool are closed this Saturday and Sunday because of Tina Festival.

*does not apply to guests of the holiday park
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