Before you make a reservation…

You have decided to spend your holiday at Duinrell. Please read this important information first to make sure you are familiar with all the details when you make your reservation. 

Terms and conditions

All terms and conditions apply to all bookings made directly or indirectly with Duinrell Holiday and Amusement Park. The prices, dates and times on are given as accurately as possible, but are not binding. The maximum number of persons in an accommodation may not be exceeded, regardless of person's age. Duinrell B.V. reserves the right to make changes or reject a booking. Upon booking, you will be informed of the final price and whether your booking will be honoured as booked. Price changes are reserved.


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When entering Duinrell you agree to our house rules.


Information about your booking

You will receive confirmation of, and all information about your holiday at Duinrell digitally. Didn't receive an e-mail? Check your spam folder and contact Duinrell if necessary. You will not receive any (physical) mail from Duinrell.


Financial terms

  • If after fixing the agreed price, due to an increase in the burden on Duinrell's side, additional costs arise as a result of charges and/or levies (eg VAT, tourist tax, etc.) that are directly related to the holiday accommodation or the holidaymaker, the holidaymaker/booker will be charged by Duinrell, even after the conclusion of the contract or making the booking.
  • Duingalow and lodge tent prices include VAT and cleaning fees, but do not include booking fees, tourist tax, bed linen and any deposit.
  • Camping prices include VAT but do not include booking fees, tourist tax, and any deposit.
  • Duinhostel,Oranjerie and Residence prices include VAT and cleaning fees, but do not include booking fees, tourist tax, and any deposit.
  • Any discounts or special offers can no longer be applied once your booking has been confirmed by Duinrell.


Cancellation cost

If you cancel a reservation with us, you will be charged a cancellation fee. In case of a cancellation of your reservation the following costs have to be paid:


Time of cancellation Cancellation fee
More than 90 days before the start of your stay 25% of the booking price
90-61 days before the start of your stay 50% of the booking price
60-31 days before the start of your stay 75% of the booking price
30-1 day(s) before the start of your stay, or on day of arrival 100% of the booking price

Please note: if the arrival date has been changed, the first booked arrival date will be used.


No refund

If you have booked but are unable or unwilling to come to Duinrell, we will not refund the price paid.  However, you can take a cancellation insurance with your booking. Please read the conditions carefully, when it is valid and when it is not.



If the attractions, the Tiki Pool, activities and/or other facilities are closed during your stay or do not go ahead or are offered less (often) than usual, for any reason whatsoever, Duinrell will not offer a refund of the paid travel sum or any other compensation. 


Cancellation policy

You can avoid the cancellation risk by using the Duinrell cancellation policy. This policy covers cancellation costs for a wide range of unexpected events, such as illness or family deaths. The charge for this is a one-off payment of 5% of the total sum, plus an administration fee of € 5.50. 


Please note: the cancellation policy must be purchased within 7 days of booking your holiday. In case of a last minute booking, it must be bought on the day of your booking.


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Duinrell may require a deposit if circumstances so require (eg when visiting groups). A deposit is a maximum of € 500,- per booking, unless otherwise agreed.


  • A deposit is always required for bookings of de Oranjerie and Residence, or from three Duingalows / Lodge Tents / Duinhostel rooms / camping pitches and last minute bookings.
  • For a Duingalow, Lodge Tent, a room in the Duinhostel, a camping pitch a deposit of €100,- applies with a maximum of €500,- per booking (unless otherwise agreed). The deposit for de Oranjerie and Residence is €500,-
  • Any deposit paid will be refunded if you leave the accommodation or campsite in good condition and if you comply with the regulations.
  • 'Good condition' means, among other things, that the campsite is left clean and empty or that the bed linen has been collected in the accommodation prior to departure, that the kitchen inventory has been cleaned and put back in the cupboards, any trash taken to the designated container and furniture left intact.
  • For a quick refund of the deposit by bank, please correctly fill in our deposit form and return it to the staff at the Duinrell reception upon arrival.
  • If a deposit is withheld in the event of a violation of our regulations, the amount of the deposit must be supplemented immediately so that the entire deposit amount remains intact.


Safety and audio equipment

  • Audio equipment must be inaudible outside your own Duingalow/pitch.
  • We expect all our guests to maintain peace and quietness between 11 pm and 7 am. Those who create any disturbance risk losing their deposit.


Reservation and payment

  • After making a reservation, you’ll receive an acknowledgement with payment instructions. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive your voucher and the necessary information regarding your stay approximately one week before your arrival.
  • For reservations made far in advance, you are asked to pay 25% of the total price plus the cancellation insurance fee directly after making the reservation. The 75% balance should be paid within eight weeks of your arrival at Duinrell.
  • If we have not received payment within 2 weeks after our written reminder, we are entitled to cancel the booking, without prejudice to the right to full payment of the agreed price. We will not refund the paid price.
  • For reservations made within eight weeks of your arrival, the full balance must be paid within one day of the reservation.
  • Last minute reservations. Up to three days before your arrival, we request you to pay by phone or by online transfer. For bookings made within three days before your arrival, the telephone operator will inform you about the payment procedure.
  • Per Duingalow, Lodgetent, camping pitch, room in the Duinhostel and other group accommodations, at least one person of 21 years or older must be present during the entire stay.
  • The following accommodations are meant for family holidays: Oranjerie, Residence, Premium Plus and Premium Duingalows. Groups, such as sports teams, are not allowed.
  • Duinrell reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect at any time should your personal data provided at the time of reservation, or the personal data of others, be incomplete and/or inaccurate. In such cases, there will be no refund, or a partial refund, of money.
  • Tour operators, guests, and others are not permitted to make the Duingalows, Duinhostel rooms and/or camping pitches and Duinrell entrance-I.D's available for use under any name, or under any pretext whatsoever, to anyone other than those named in the contract, unless agreed in writing with Duinrell beforehand.



If you pay the money directly via bank, the following information is needed:


Bank: ABN AMRO bank, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL98ABNA0886988330


Note: When making your payment, please remember to state the payment reference. We require this payment reference to ensure that your payment is correctly processed. If you do not keep to the payment conditions, Duinrell is entitled to cancel your reservation.


Duinrell I.D.

In order to prevent unwelcome guests entering the park, you will receive a Duinrell ID. This is a personal access pass with a recent passport photo. The Duinrell ID should always be displayed at the entrance of the Duinrell site and you also have to be able to present the Duinrell ID at any moment during your stay.


By requesting and receiving our brochures and newsletters, you will automatically be added to our database. We will use your details to send you interesting offers and information on Duinrell products/services. If you wish to opt out of this service, please do this by phone on 0031 (0)70 5155 255 or email [email protected].

Change of address?

If you change your address, please let us know and we’ll amend our details. You can do this by phone on 0031 (0)70 5155 255. You can also email us on [email protected], giving us your name and your old and new address details.

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