Our goal is to make sure you have a fantastic time at Duinrell. In order to make your visit as pleasant as possible, we have drawn up a number of park regulations. By entering the Duinrell site, you are agreeing to these park regulations.



If you want to enter Duinrell, you need a valid admission ticket (ticket for park and/or Tiki Pool, or Duinrell ID with your photo on it). You must show this admission ticket on request. Children under 12 years of age will only be allowed entry to the amusement park and Tiki Pool when accompanied by an adult. Yes, at least one person aged 21 or over must be present for the entire duration of the stay. You are also obliged as guest to be able to provide proof of identity. If you cannot provide proof of identity, Duinrell reserves the right to refuse admission to the park.



You must follow the instructions of our employees for your and our safety.



You enter Duinrell at your own risk. Any liability of Duinrell is excluded, with the exception of damage that is caused through wilful misconduct or gross negligence of Duinrell. Damage to buildings, plant life and other property of Duinrell will be charged to the perpetrator. Vandalism, theft, violence and indecent behaviour will always be reported to the police.


Alcohol and drugs

The use of drugs and excessive alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to walk on the street with opened cans and bottles of alcohol, both in Duinrell and in Wassenaar.



Any form of aggressive behaviour towards guests and/or Duinrell personnel will not be tolerated. If such behaviour is observed, Duinrell will call in the police and Duinrell is entitled to immediately deny the persons concerned admission to and accommodation at Duinrell.


CCTV monitoring and (attraction) photos

In order to protect the safety and property of our guests, there is CCTV monitoring at Duinrell. On a number of attractions, photos are taken of the ride. The photos are shown on screens at the exit of the attraction and can be purchased. It is also possible that photos will be taken and video recordings will be made in the park. Duinrell reserves the right to use this material for publication. If you would prefer not to be photographed or filmed during your visit, you should avoid the areas where recordings are made and ask an employee or the production team to not photograph or film you.


(Commercial) activities

Carrying out (commercial) activities, including reselling tickets, advertising, research, collections, offering goods and services, propagating (religious) beliefs or holding demonstrations, is not permitted on the Duinrell site without prior written consent.



Pets are allowed in the amusement park, the forests and dunes, several types of Duingalows and on the camping site as long as they are leashed and do not cause a disturbance. Pets are not allowed in the Duinhostel, the Oranjerie, the restaurants, the Tiki Pool and throughout Duinrell Plaza. Guests with pets are required to carry and use pet waste bags.



In the event of fire, you should immediately alert the fire brigade on the national emergency tel. no. 112 and then the Porter's Lodge. In the event of an emergency or danger, the park security should be immediately notified by calling +31 (0)70 5155 333.



Causing a nuisance to other guests through noise, ball games, sound carriers (e.g. portable speakers) and suchlike is prohibited. In the case of wanton noise, the personnel are entitled to confiscate the sound carrier.


Every attraction and slide has mandatory safety rules that are indicated at the location and can also be found at https://www.duinrell.com/amusement-park/safety. When entering an attraction and/or slide, you should first acquaint yourself with the safety rules on the safety signs. 



It is prohibited to drive any type of vehicle in the amusement park or in the woodlands and dunes. Motor scooters with a yellow licence plate are not allowed to be driven anywhere in the park.The speed limit at Duinrell is 5 km per hour. Sounding the horn and using cars and motorbikes unnecessarily is not permitted.



Smoking is prohibited in all covered public areas at Duinrell, in attractions, in the queues for attractions, in the Tiki Pool and in the accommodations (Duingalow, lodge tent, Duinhostel or Oranjerie).


Taking photos and making videos yourself

Taking photos and making videos is allowed for private purposes only. Other guests may not be photographed or filmed in a way that makes them easily recognisable. Filming with (action) cameras is only allowed if they are not used in a dangerous/bothersome way. Only hand-held action cameras are allowed on the slides of the Tiki Pool. Drones are prohibited without written permission from Duinrell.

Tiki Pool


Children who do not have a basic swimming certificate (Dutch swimming diploma A) as well as children under 12 years of age will only be allowed entry to the Tiki Pool under the supervision of a person aged 18 or older. You will need your admission ticket to leave the Tiki Pool. When exceeding the maximum duration of your visit, we will charge € 2,- per person per 15 minutes. If you lose your ticket, you pay €15. Duinrell reserves the right to limit the maximum admission time in case of extreme pressure of traffic.


Changing rooms

You must not loiter in the changing rooms.



Inside the Tiki Pool (with the exception of the Playa) wearing a floatation device (i.e. water wings, float suits, rubber rings, baby floats, corks) is mandatory for anyone under 120 cm (even if they are in the possession of a swimming certificate) and for persons who do not hold a swimming certificate A. In the outside pool, wearing a floatation device is mandatory for persons who do not hold a swimming certificate.


Our water attractions are not suitable for visitors with a physical disability. We advise you not to use the water attractions whilst pregnant or when suffering physical complaints (such as heart disease, or neck and back pain). Always think of your own health first.



Sliding and swimming is only allowed in swimwear that does not contain any metal parts. Accelerated wear and tear of swimwear may occur when using the slides. We advise against using swimwear made from more than 70% polyamide. Visitors are not allowed to enter the bathing area wearing shoes. Plastic overshoes are available at the main counter of the Tiki Pool.



Groups may be refused entry. Groups of more than 8 people under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. A deposit of €100 may also be requested.



Every visitor must shower before entering the pool.



Sexual advances (desired and undesired) and any form of verbal and physical abuse towards other visitors or employees will not be tolerated. It is also prohibited to cause a nuisance to other visitors and/or our employees.


Food and drink

It is prohibited to bring glassware and/or crockery to the bathing area. Food and drink may only be consumed in the restaurant.

Holiday Park

Arrival and departure

The rented accommodation may be occupied from 3:30 pm on the day of arrival, as specified on the reservation confirmation. You may pick up your key from Duinrell reception from 3:30 pm onwards. On the day of departure, you must vacate the accommodation before 10:30 am, as specified on the reservation confirmation. You must return your key to Duinrell reception, or place it in the white letterbox at the exit, by 10:30 am. Duinrell reserves the right to clear the accommodation in the event of late departure.

By way of exception to the above, the camping pitches may be occupied from 1:00 pm on the day of arrival, as specified on the reservation confirmation, and must be cleared before 12 noon on the day of departure, as specified on the reservation confirmation. An extra night will be charged in the event of late departure.



Refuse/household waste must be placed in plastic bags and deposited in the waste containers (refuse bags are available from Duinrell reception). Please dispose of glass in the special glass containers only. Chemical waste that is governed by the Dutch chemical waste regulations (BACA), including asbestos, paint residue and glue, may not be disposed of in the containers. These substances must be submitted to the municipal sanitation department. Spent batteries may be deposited in the box at the Duinrell reception.



Duinrell may request a deposit. A deposit is always requested for bookings of at least three accommodations/rooms or more, as well as for bookings of de Oranjerie and last-minute bookings. A deposit of €100 will be required for each Duingalow, lodge tent, room in the Duinhostel and camping pitch, with a maximum of €500,- (unless otherwise agreed). A deposit of €500,- is required for a booking of de Oranjerie. Duinrell will return the deposit by bank transfer if the accommodation or camping pitch is left in good repair and the house rules have been obeyed. If a deposit is withheld upon discovering that house rules have been violated, the amount of the deposit must be supplemented immediately, so that the full deposit amount remains intact.



Per accommodation you can park one car for free. For the 8-person Premium Plus Duingalow and 8-person Luxury Lodgetent, you can park an extra car for free. If you are staying in the luxury family lodge tent for 12 persons, Orangerie or Residence, 3 parking spaces are included. 


For an extra vehicle you pay €15 per night and you can park it on a separate car park on our holiday park (at P1/P2 you pay €15 per day or exit). All cars must be registered in our registration system prior to your stay.


Night hours

The access barrier will be closed at night between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 am, and driving motor vehicles is prohibited during these hours. It is not possible to leave Duinrell by motor vehicle before 6:00 am. There will be consequences if this is violated. If you arrive at Duinrell after 12:00 midnight, you may park your car in the large car park at the entrance (P1 to P3) between 12 midnight and 6:00 am.



You must place your camping equipment in the spot designated and specified for that purpose. If the camping equipment is not placed in the correct spot, Duinrell reserves the right to charge additional costs for this. You must pay these costs immediately.


Visiting guests

Visiting guests are welcome but must be registered at the Duinrell reception. They will pay an overnight rate. If you receive visitors during the day, you must buy an admission ticket for each visitor. This is possible online via www.duinrell.com/tickets. If the visitor does not leave Duinrell on the same day, the overnight rate will also be charged.



It is forbidden to dig holes and trenches, to discharge waste water into the ground, to sail in the waters with your own boats, to set off fireworks, to damage trees, plants or bushes and to smoke in the woods. It is not allowed to place swimming pools, jacuzzis, party tents, other equipment (such as tents), trailers and/or own cars in the garden of your accommodation. Party tents, swimming pools, jacuzzis are also not permitted on camping pitches.


Sanitary facilities

We kindly request that you keep the sanitary facilities clean. Please use the refuse containers and sanitary boxes for this. Chemical toilets can be emptied at the disposal sites reserved for that purpose. The tap water is suitable for drinking. Drains are exclusively intended for washing-up water. Duinrell reserves the right to temporarily close the sanitary facilities for maintenance work, without guests being entitled to a full or partial refund of the rental paid.



It is prohibited to move (garden) furniture to a different accommodation. In addition, indoor furniture may not be used outdoors.


Inspection and maintenance

Duinrell reserves the right to enter rented accommodations for inspection and/or maintenance work, without guests being entitled to a full or partial refund of the rental paid.


BBQ ban

Duinrell reserves the right to ban the use of barbecues in the event of an extreme drought. This is linked to the risk of wildfire, code orange and code red.



If the house rules are observed to have been violated, Duinrell is authorised to immediately deny the parties concerned entry to the park and/or remove them from the park without them being able to claim a refund of the paid (rental) sum, or part thereof, or of any deposit paid.

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Any questions?

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