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Maura dougan -25 Sept.
Chelsea -25 Sept.
Another amazing time at Duinrell
Just returned from another holiday at Duinrell with my children ages 15, 13 and 9. We had a wonderful time again. Dungilow was incredible, so spacious and clean and in a brilliant location convenient to the park, shop and tikibad. There were a lot of school groups during our stay but found they left early so there was still enough time to do what we wanted in the theme park after they had left. Staff are all lovely, friendly and helpful, the whole of duinrell was clean, set in a good location and built around trees rather than cutting them all down and generally so much to do we never felt like there was nothing to do or were bored. Supermarket on site has a good selection but due to a variety of food allergies among us we did pop to a local supermarket about 10 minutes away to get the food safe for us (we found a good enough selection to keep us well fed) overall it was a lovely holiday and I would return.
Síle -22 Sept.
Our fourth time here, it's absolutely brilliant. Love it.
Duinrell staff were so helpful and made the booking experience very easy. Duinrell is a great holiday destination for all ages, and combines a fantastic theme park with a brilliant Tiki pool, slides and play areas for all ages.
Joanne McLaren - Webb -14 Sept.
The facilities were beyond our expectations, the staff were amazing, everything was organised brilliantly and the location was perfect between the town and the beach.
Curtley -14 Sept.
We had a such a fantastic time, we are coming back next year and bringing more people.
Everything was smooth from the check in to the check out, accommodation was spot on everything we were looking for, easy to find and a good comfortable drive from the hook of holland. We are coming back next year and bringing more friends & family
Eleanor -13 Sept.
Lovely family holiday with something for everyone
We stayed in a lodge tent for 4 nights, not knowing what to expect. It was great! The lodge tent was very comfortable; it felt a bit luxurious and a bit fun. On site facilities are very good, the supermarket is well stocked and reasonably priced but there are other options if you don't feel like cooking. The nearby town of Wassenaar has nice food shops if you want to venture slightly further. Washing machine on site was good. Now the really important stuff - the amusements park There is really something for all ages and tastes. We worked our way up from the gentler rollercoaster, Dragonfly, to the gut-wrenching Falcon. The opening hours were longer than expected so we had fun on some evenings too. Go Kart rental on site was a big hit with the kids. Tiki Pool is very well equipped; there are nice gentle rides and activities and then some that require a high level of bravery, or recklessness. If you want to go further, the beach is a short bike ride away and includes food and drink stalls. There are great long distance bike routes along the coast if you feel like a workout. Our only gripe was that a big group of teenagers camped near us on our last night, they were not badly behaved, just having fun and staying up late thereby disturbing an otherwise very peaceful site. We had a lovely time at Duinrell. The natural setting in sand dunes is very pleasant and the park appears to be very well run, no wonder it is so popular.
Lisa -13 Sept.
Our 4th visit and it just gets better!!
We came to Duinrell at the end of August 2022. It should have been May 2020, then August 2021 so it was a long time coming!! But well worth the wait. It was our 4th visit and we have always enjoyed it. We come from England with our campervan and bikes. We love cycling in the local area, especially to the beach and love the pools and the rides. There’s improvements each time we come, but the place never looses its charm. The toilets/showers/washing up areas for campers are immaculate. And we LOVE Rick!!!!
Regina -13 Sept.
A wonderful place for adults and children alike. Never an empty moment, always lots to do.
John -12 Sept.
An outstanding holiday
We enjoyed an exceptional fortnight at Duinrell for our family summer holiday this year. The site was magnificent, the staff were incredibly helpful and attentive and even the weather was amazing! With trips to Scheveningen, Wassenaar beach and Amsterdam thrown into the mix, it was a truly unforgettable experience. Thank you. We can't wait to come again!
Simone -12 Sept.
Basic but fun
Choose your accommodation carefully- we booked through the Duinrell website as Eurocamp had sold out and our comfort cabin was a real disappointment. It was tired and quite dirty, set as far from the amenities as it could have been. Had we realized we would have definitely reserved one of the premium Duinglows or. Safari tent close to the parks. The restaurant facilities were very basic too but the Supermarket on site was excellent. Bike hire is essential- the bike guys were threat.
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Bezig met laden