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9.3 based on 323 reviews
Darragh Mc Daid -29 June
Perfect Family Holiday
This was our 4th time in Duinrell, it has yet to disappoint! The amusement park has something for all ages , & tiki pool is always fun.
Katie -23 June
Gone downhill
I used to come to duinrell a lot from being a teen to mid twenties and it was amazing- a five star experience. This time round was a real shock, it was like being at a music festival; loud drunk neighbours until the early hours, children running around screaming until gone midnight and for the last two nights of the holiday we were camping next to a field full of adults blasting music from morning until midnight - in the past security have been on top of this and I’ve never experienced noise like it, this time nobody seemed to take action. I was told in advance that I couldn’t bring an event shelter under any circumstances but in the same camping field as me there was a group with a massive gazebo that was used for parties. I wanted mine for shade for the baby, after being told no, I only had a parasol which was not effective. On top of all the noise, the bathrooms were always dirty. I’ve never seen this before in all my years of coming. For some very odd reason, the cleaner comes and shuts the toilets for cleaning at around 7-8am (just when everyone needs it the most) then they don’t seem to get cleaned after that. The girls wash basins were always covered in hair and used face wipes - I know this is more to do with the campers but this never used to be an issue. One of the (small, blonde,male) security guys on the gate was also incredibly rude to us and it actually put a big dampener on the whole holiday. On a positive note: the shop was good value for money, same prices as other supermarkets and the pool and theme park were 5* as usual. We loved the bike rental, there were 3 amazing members of staff in there that were helpful, friendly and down to earth. Our issue was mainly with the camping side of things, they need to have security patrolling a little more often and stop drunken idiots from waking everybody up. If I were to go again then it would be in a duingalow or similar because I couldn’t handle the festival like camping again.
Colin -12 June
Peaceful and quiet yet lots to do for families
I have been coming to duinrell for over 15 years and still find something new to do its an excellent place also for touring South Holland can't complain I love the place
Harriet -11 June
Fantastic fun holiday in beautiful surroundings
This is my third time of visiting Duinrell. It’s such a magical place. We haven’t been since before the pandemic but it was even better than last time. Accommodation for every budget from posh dungalows to basic camping with everything in between. All spotlessly clean. Great fairground attractions in tasteful surroundings. A large, beautiful, peaceful and mature forrest so you can immerse yourself in nature. A pool to suit everyone, from thrilling daring slides to a relaxing lazy river. Children (and big kids) of all ages are catered for. Friendly, helpful staff who speak English and nothing is too much trouble. I would highly recommend this wonderful place.
Kelly -11 June
Another fab holiday!
We loved our stay at Duinrell. The accommodation (premium duingalow) was clean, spacious and comfortable. Only one grumble about ants all over the patio. Maybe some regular ant traps would help. Didn't ruin our stay tho. The theme park was awesome. Lots of rides suitable for our group (2 10yrs and 2 adult). Quite high thrill rides but our girls loved them. The park again was clean and well maintained. There were alot of pushy kids/teens visiting on day passes which somewhat impacted us(longer queues, queue jumping and some bad language) but nothing as bad wait times as UK theme parks. The tiki bad is our favourite part of Duinreill. Loads of flumes for all ages. Fast, medium and slow which are all controlled by a red/green light system. Works really well. We enjoy the lazy River and wave machine. The only reason this isn't a 5* review is the new restrictions in the pool. We have been twice and the first time had no restrictions and didn't have to pre book. This time we had to plan our days around what 2 hour time slot we wanted at the pool.
Robin -11 June
Almost perfect
We had a great time, so much so we’ve rebooked for 2023. Would have given it 5 stars but for the restaurant being closed during our stay - it would have been nice to have received advanced notification of this and we only found out on the day we’d planned to eat there. Still plenty of other options though. The holiday park is lovely and well maintained, in a delightful area and what with the pool/amusement park included, there’s more than enough to keep the kids entertained.
Diane -10 June
Perfect for the kids. They had a ball.
Really enjoyed Duinrell. Stayed in a Duingalow in a quiet area of the park. Could let our sons out to hang out at playgrounds near and far and to range around the fairground while we had a coffee. The water park was ace and the 2 hour windows helped manage crowds (and our available stamina for climbing stairs to the slides). Very clean, everywhere, staff friendly and helpful. Even better if: we could have enjoyed a continental breakfast and someone making us a cuppa before 10am. But terrific. Would definitely recommend.
Ann -10 June
Good to be back
This was our 5th visit and we were so glad to be back after a 2 year break. We love this place and stay in the lodgetents. Everything was fab. Easy to book the waterpark. Great staff. Easy check in. Great maintenence service when we had to call them. Great price. A few negatives for the first time ever- La Place restaurant in thr plaza is only open at weekends and we were there Monday to Friday. Not a huge deal as we usually walk into town for dinner anyway but would definitely have used it on the first night when we arrived. 2 of the big rides were shut the whole time we were there which made the queues for everything else much bigger. In the kids area of the park the Katapults(our favourite thing in the whole park) were shut the whole time we were there. So was the funny ride where you pull yourself up on ropes.and the floatng bridge had gone. Disappointing as we usually spend a lot of time in that area. Food prices have gone up. The mini pancakes were around €5 foe 13 3 years ago. Now they are €9.50!! Despite all of these things it was still a fabulous 4 days and we have booked again for a week next year
Elaine -06 June
Exceptional Family Holiday
Duinrell did not disappoint. So many things to do, the location is beautiful in a woodland area and the local town is beautiful too. Can’t wait to go back
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