Food & Beverages

All restaurants at the amusement park

Did the thrills and excitement get you hungry and thirsty? You’ll find lots of locations where you can get a snack and a drink in the amusement park.

La Place Restaurant Schaapskooi
Coffee and cake, lunch and hot meals
Pannenkoekenrestaurant De Carrousel
Pancakes and beverages
Take away
Pizza, chips, snacks, beverages and ice creams
La Banana
Glazed fruit
Happiness Station
Create your very own Swirl
The most delicious poffertjes
Unox sausages on a bun, churros, chip twisters, beverages and ice cream
Sweets & Fun
Rock, lollipops and other sweets
La Place Restaurant Duinrell Plaza


Home-made dishes

Open even after the amusement park is closed

Bezig met laden