Delicious snacks at the Tiki Pool

Take a break from the splashing fun and enjoy fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, La Place Restaurant coffee, homemade pastry and fruit to raise your energy level. For those who like well-seasoned foods, the restaurant offers Flemish chips with mayonnaise, croquettes and many other snacks. From the restaurant high up in the complex you have a unique view over the Tiki Pool. In good weather the terrace is opened, for you to enjoy your lunch in the warmth of the sun. This restaurant is only accessible for guests of the Tiki Pool.

Restaurants at the park

La Place Restaurant Schaapskooi
Coffee and cake, lunch and hot meals
Pannenkoekenrestaurant De Carrousel
Pancakes and beverages
Take away

Chips, snacks, beverages and ice creams

Bezig met laden