Information about your Duinrell holiday

Everything you need to know about your upcoming Duinrell holiday


Every guest from the age of four receives a Duinrell ID entrance pass. This Duinrell-ID must be provided with a recent passport photo. A printed (portrait) picture on which the person is clearly recognizable is also accepted. Do not forget to bring the photo to Duinrell! Always carry this ID with you, even if you are on the site. Show it without being asked at the general entrance and at the Tiki Pool.


Car pass

Campsite and Duingalows
You will receive one Duinrell car pass per campsite or Duingalow (two in case of the 8-person Duingalow). This pass provides access to the holiday park during your stay. You can park one car for free at your campsite or Duingalow. Extra cars can be parked at P4 for € 5,- per car per night. The extra car needs to be announced at the reception, where you will receive an extra car pass.


You will receive one car pass per Duinhostel room. This pass provides access to the holiday park. You can park one car for free on P4 per room. If you are coming with more cars, report this to Duinrell reception upon arrival. You will then receive an extra car pass and you can park the extra car(s) on P4 for a fee (€ 5 per car, per night).


Inquire about the options for parking at the Oranjerie before your stay.


Arrival & Departure

Duingalows, Lodge tents, Duinhostel and Oranjerie

  • Please park your car temporarily for free on parking P1 or P2. (At the Duinrell reception you will receive a parking coin to get off P1 or P2.)
  • From 10 a.m. it’s possible to check in at the reception. You also will be allowed access to the holiday and amusement park from 10 a.m. onwards by showing your Duinrell ID’s to the porter.
  • You can pick up the key(s) to your accommodation at the Duinrell reception from 3.30 p.m. onwards (after opening hours of the Duinrell reception at the porter’s lodge).
  • Please vacate the accommodation by 10.30 a.m. at the latest.



  • Check-in is possible from 10 a.m.
  • You will be allowed access to the holiday and amusement park from 10 a.m. onwards by showing your Duinrell ID’s to the porter.
  • On the day of arrival your pitch is available from 1 p.m. onwards. 
  • Please clean and vacate your pitch before noon.


Is someone coming to visit you?

Visiting guests are welcome, but are required to buy a ticket to enter the park. You can buy a day ticket for visiting friends and family at the reception or register at a discounted rate of €15,-. After closing time of the amusement park, visitor tickets cost €5,- per person. Visitors are required to leave Duinrell that same day. If they do not, we will charge a lodging fee.



View the map of the holiday park. Tip: have you seen a nice spot? You can book your preferred Duingalow for €22,50 or a specific campsite for €16,50.


Route to Duinrell


Duinrell 1
2242 JP  Wassenaar
The Netherlands


Check the route to Duinrell.



Wi-Fi is free (max. 5 devices) when you book any of the following accommodation types through Duinrell:

  • Premium (Plus) Duingalow
  • Luxury Lodge tent
  • Group accommodation Oranjerie


Wifi is available all over Duinrell, with the exception of the amusement park, the Tiki Pool and the Rustic camping area. Did you book a different type of accommodation or did you book through a tour operator? You can buy Wi-Fi vouchers at the Duinrell reception and the Duinrell Superstore at the following rates:

General booking terms

You have decided to spend your holiday at Duinrell. Please read our general booking terms first to make sure you are familiar with all the details when you make your reservation.



The following accommodations are meant for family holidays: Oranjerie, Premium Plus and Premium Duingalows. Groups, such as sports teams, are not allowed.



If you pay the money directly by bank, the following information is needed:


Bank: ABN AMRO bank, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL98ABNA0886988330


Note: When making your payment, please remember to state the payment reference. We require this payment reference to ensure that your payment is correctly processed. If you do not keep to the payment conditions, Duinrell is entitled to cancel your reservation.


Payment by Visa card or Mastercard

If you would like to pay by Visa Card/ Mastercard, please use the link in your confirmation.


House rules

Our goal is to make your stay at Duinrell a fantastic one. In order to make your visit as pleasant as possible, we have composed a number of rules and guidelines. By entering Duinrell’s premises, you are agreeing to these regulations. Read our house rules.


For those who want to have a worry-free holiday while they continue to receive the medical care they require, dialysis is available from Haaglanden Antoniushove Medical Centre (MCH Antoniushove), which is located a mere 15 minutes from Duinrell by car, for renal patients staying at Duinrell. 


Read more about dialysis at Duinrell

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