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In the spotlights: Duinrell Plaza
Duinrell Plaza is the sparkling heart of our holiday park and it is open all day. In the morning you can get freshly baked bread in the Superstore and in the evening you can enjoy a great night out at our very own Duinrell Pub. Time to put one of our favorite spots of the park in the spotlight!
These are our newest Luxury Lodge Tents
Looking for an adventurous stay at Duinrell? Stay overnight in our most luxurious Lodge Tent from April 2021. Suitable for 7 people and extra spacious.
We are opening again!
We are opening our holiday park for overnight guests! Later this month you are also welcome for a day out.
Tips for a great day out in Amsterdam
Would you like to spend a day in Amsterdam? There is plenty to see and do in the city. But is Amsterdam fun for children? Sure it is! We give you tips for a fun day out in Amsterdam with the whole family
8x tips for a nice day out in Leiden with the whole family
From Duinrell you will be in Leiden in no time. Leiden is called ‘the City of Discoveries’ and with a reason, because there is plenty to discover and experience. We are happy to give you tips for a nice day out for the whole family.
Top 10 best family outings near Duinrell
If you are on vacation at Duinrell, there is of course a lot to do on our estate. But would you also like to explore the surroundings and are you looking for outings for the whole family? Do not look any further, because we have got the best outings in this top 10 list.
Bezig met laden
Bezig met laden