Tiki Pool

The fastest slides of the Tiki Pool

Whizzing down the coolest slides at dazzling speeds: that is exactly what our Tiki Pool is for. The Tiki Pool has 16 unique slides with over 1.3 kilometres of water slide fun, and you can slide down some of them with a speed of more than 60 km per hour. Discover which ultra-fast slides you really don’t want to miss!


Length: 56 meters
Speed: 60 - 70 km per hour

In the Cycloon, you will whizz down a slide of 15 metres high at a dazzling speed before you end up in a cone. Once you’re in that cone, you will no longer know what's up or down, until you splash into the pool, of course. This is the fastest slide in the Tiki Pool with speeds up to 70 km per hour.


If all of that sounds a bit too scary for you, you can have a look from the catwalk first to see whether you’re brave enough. And... Don’t forget to watch the faces of the people surfacing. You can tell by their broad smiles that this is awesome!

snelle glijbaan cycloon


Length: 80 meters
Speed: 60 km per hour

What is super fast and feels like it’s flying? You! When you’re in the Flits, at least. You have a wonderful view from the slide and are really close to the sky thanks to the transparent tube. Not that you’ll have a lot of time to enjoy it, by the way, because you’ll be whizzing through it at 60 km per hour. You’ll definitely be at the bottom before you know it. SPLASH!



glijbaan flits


Length: 80 meters
Speed: 60 km per hour


Flits’ little brother is just as fast: in the  Blits you’ll be racing down round all sorts of bends at about 60 km per hour. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re barely even touching the tube.


Length: 86 meters
Speed: 50 km per hour


The Tyfoon, which is 86 metres long, will make you go a little faster every time! The three bends, the first wider than the second and the third, will make you truly feel the g-forces. For just a second, because you’ll be at the bottom before you know it at 50 km per hour. And once you land in the pool, all you’ll want to do is go again!

Pelican Dive

Length: 4 meters
Speed: cannot be measured. ;-) 


If you’re nervous when you’re standing at the top of the Pelican Dive, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Even the bravest dare devil is shaking a little when they’re standing there. Jumping down from the second floor is quite something, after all. Jumping? Well... you’ll be sliding down for the first part, but a freefall of three metres follows after that. It sounds scary, and it is, but most of all it’s great fun. Definitelysomething you should experience once (or twice, thrice, four times) in your life!


korte glijbaan tikibad

Cannon Ball

Length: 6 meters
Speed: 60 km per hour

The Cannon Ball is another short and sweet slide. You jump down into a dark hole from the first floor, and you will float in the air for a couple of seconds once you’re out of the slide due to the force.


Length: 16 meters
Speed: free fall, cannot be measured

The name says it all - this slide is extreme: the X-stream. You are standing on a trapdoor at a height of 7 metres and you will go into free fall.


Length: 163 meters
Speed: depending on weight 


A joy shared is a joy doubled, right? That’s why you should step into the two-person tube for our triple cone slide Triton. Together you will slide 22 metres downwards and you’ll be surprised by three huge cones along the way. Yes, it’s possible that you’ll be sliding backwards after one of those cones. If it was hard to decide who got to go in the front and who had to go in the back, there’s only one thing you can do: go up again for round two!


triton glijbaan tikibad


Kids waterpark Playa

And did you know that there is a cone slide in the Tiki Pool for kids smaller than 120 cm too? In Kids Water Park Playa  you will find Hurri’cone. You’ll be sliding through one of those awesome cones by yourself, not in a tube!


glijbaan voor kinderen


If you want to know which other slides the Tiki Pool has, you can view them all in the slide overview.

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