Tiki Pool

Cone slide Triton

Giant red and blue cones that are over twenty metres tall: you cannot miss the giant waterslide Triton, even from outside the Tiki Pool. This super exciting waterslide only opened last year and has already become the uncrowned king of the Tiki Pool. Who will join you in the two-person tube to race through it at dazzling speeds?

Wanted: daredevils

163 metres long, 20 metres tall and 3 thrilling cones in which you will be tossed around. There’s no doubt whatsoever: Triton is only for true daredevils. And... it is perfectly possible to come out of a cone backwards, meaning you will have no idea when to expect the next one. Thrilling!


Sharing together, sliding together

You will go down most waterslides on your own, and at the end, you will be laughing all by yourself. But on Triton, you will be sitting in a two-person tube with your father, mother, brother, sister or best friend. That means twice as much fun! We bet you will never forget that ride!


The camera never lies

Are you worried that your friends will not believe you when you tell them you rode Triton? Take your camera with you into the Tiki Pool and prove them wrong! Film your thrilling ride on Triton and share it on Facebook with #Duinrell.

Want a sneak peek?

Do you think the ride sounds like fun, but do you want a sneak peek to make sure? Watch the Triton video below.

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