Going on holiday with your toddler or baby

Going on holiday for the first time with your baby or toddler is fun and stressful at the same time! At our holiday park you will stay in a natural setting, and you will have all the peace and space you need to spend time with each other and enjoy being together. Read all about our child-friendly facilities here.

Child-friendly accommodation

  • The Premium Duingalows are extra-large, so there is plenty of space for a cot.
  • The Comfort Duingalows for kids are especially child-friendly.
  • All Duingalows have their own private terrace, with a fence round it.
  • Every Duingalow has a fully equipped kitchen with a combination microwave.
  • There is always a playground close by.
  • Child-friendly extras like a camp bed and a high chair need to be booked in advance.


  • Play and splash around together in the heated play pool.
  • In the Playa kids water park, children can race down all the waterslides safely.
  • In the toddlers pool with mini-slide, you can relax and play together.
  • There are seats where you can keep an eye on the heated play pool and the Playa.
  • There is a buggy park at the entrance to the Tiki Pool.
  • In nice weather, the well-designed outdoor children's pool with sunbathing meadow is open.


  • Plenty of fun attractions for children.
  • Play together in the large, well-designed playground.
  • Swim in the Ball Lake.
  • Visit all the fairy tales and child-friendly rides in Wonderland.
  • Take a ride on the Mini-train, Locomotion and Carousel.
  • Sing and dance together in the Play Kwek Show and the Kwakus Kwebbel Show.
  • Meet Rick the Frog during the Meet & Greet.
  • Play under cover at Rick’s Fun Factory, the Indoor Play Paradise.

Everything you need!

  • At the bicycle rental, you can also rent children’s bikes, helmets and buggies.
  • There is entertainment for kids at the weekends and during school holidays.
  • The park’s supermarket sells baby food and swimming nappies.
  • The restaurants have children’s menus and can heat up your baby meals for you.


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