From what age is Duinrell appropriate?

No matter how old (or young) you are, the Duinrell estate is fun for everyone and any age. We even have really fun attractions for the littlest ones and the very oldest. We’ll list them by age category for you!

Babies and Toddlers aged 0 to 3 years

An amusement park isn’t any fun if you’re still very small? Well, we have plenty of fun attractions, even for babies and toddlers.


Rick's Adventure Castle

There are always plenty of adventures to be had at Rick's Adventure Castle, particularly if you’re still very small! Rick’s big book reads itself and the wise owl will teach you very important lessons. Try ringing Rick the Frog’s bell, because he might open the door.



At Wonderland, you'll find the best fairy tales and you'll also find mini attractions, such as a mini merry-go-round and dancing mushrooms. Wonderland is a small amusement park in itself itself and it’s always party time there!


Kwakus Kwebbel Show

Kwakus Kwebbel is extremely happy to live by the water, but Mollie the Mole thinks it stinks. See, insects also live near the water and one of them stung his head. Do you know who it was? This 20-minute show is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!



Once upon a time it all started with a playground, and that same playground is still a big success. You'll find a number of good old rides that are always popular and a few brand new gems that are as modern as can be.


Kids water park Playa

The Tiki Pool is also for the whole family, because especially for small splashers (with or without a swimming certificate) we have Kids water park Playa. Nice for the littlest ones: the heated play pool. The water here is never higher than 15 centimetres and, of course, mum or dad can splash along too.


kids wonderland Duinrell


Pre-schoolers from age 4 to 6 years 

Pre-schoolers won’t believe their eyes when they arrive at the Duinrell estate and the best part is: they can enter many attractions as well! These are a few of our favourites.



All aboard, the Locomotion is about to depart! The Locomotion is a nice first attraction for the littlest ones. They can race through the Wild West without their parents on this train. Even mini-heroes who have just learned how to sit can go on a trip by themselves. An extra safety belt keeps them safely in their seat.


Bumper boats

Ahoy, captain ... sail like a real captain in your own boat. There are only two choices on your route: collide with other boats or dodge them quickly.



Does your pre-schooler really want to go on a roller coaster, but is he or she still too small for the real thing? The Kikkerachtbaan rollercoaster is the perfect start to a dazzling rollercoaster career. It goes fast and high, but isn’t too scary for most children - who are courageous enough. Indeed, most of them run right back to the start again immediately after getting off: again, again! Is your child shorter than 120 centimetres? In that case, he or she can go on the Kikkerachtbaan rollercoaster accompanied by you or another parent.



Attention, pre-schoolers: you’ll do some serious splashing about at Kids water park Playa (so yes, you're guaranteed to get wet!). Playa is the water paradise for children shorter than 120 cm. Children who do not have a swimming certificate may also play in Playa without a floatation device. After all, the water here is never higher than 15 centimetres. At Playa, you will find four slides especially for small children. Have you noticed your pre-schooler looking in awe at the Triton? And can big brother go for a ride, but your youngest one not yet? Well, good news ... because you don't have to say ‘no’ this time. The Hurri'Cone slide is the mini-version of the cool Triton. Slide through a huge funnel without a tire. Supercool!


Kids pool Playa



Children aged 7 to 9 years 

Hurray! You're finally big enough for the exciting attractions. Duinrell is one big adventure!


Ship Ahoi

On Ship Ahoi, you’ll sail across the wild sea... quickly! Your only real option during this storm is to put your hands in the air and fly along. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



On this 361-metre rollercoaster, which climbs to a highest point of 15 metres, you will ‘fly’ between the trees of our Duinrell forest on an exciting ride. Navigate thrilling bends and surrender yourself to the unexpected. This is a rollercoaster you won’t forget anytime soon! Are you brave enough?



You don't even have to go on the Splash to get a huge kick. Even just looking at the attractions requires plenty of guts. At the Splash window, you are guaranteed to get wet from head to toe. But let’s be honest: going on a ride is even more fun. So, don’t miss it!


Everlasting Candle

Is the word ‘vertigo’ simply not part of your vocabulary? And do you have arm muscles of steel as well? Then the Everlasting Candle is just the thing for you! Lift yourself up and enjoy. And... you can stay up as long as you like!


Your first slides in Playa and the Tiki Pool

You’re in luck: because at your age you can go to Kids water park Playa but also on some grown-up slides. Wondering which ones? You can read that on the Tiki Pool safety rules. With over 1.3 kilometres of slides, there is a lot to do in the Tiki Pool. Did you know that our Tiki Pool is the largest water slide paradise in the Benelux?


family rollercoaster Dragonfly



Teens and older

Excitement, sensation, higher and upside down. The older you are, the more exciting the attractions become.


Mad Mill

In this spectacular mega-attraction, you spin around and swing back and forth at a great height. This attraction is for true daredevils with a strong stomach.



Hurtle to the bottom at about 25 km/h from the highest point of Duinrell in the Rodelbaan toboggan. Fun? It can be even more fun: race the sledge leaving next to you. Three, two, one... go!



Fancy the rollercoaster ride of your life? Then you have to ride the Falcon! Soar 22 metres into the air and then dive back down again straight as an arrow. The loops, corkscrews and sharp bends that await you are all equally thrilling!



An attraction you can literally enjoy with the whole family? Our Waterspin of course! The two large benches have room for a total of 40 people. You won’t be able to sit quietly, because when the Waterspin starts moving, you’ll all go upside down countless times.


Wild Wings

Have you always wanted to be a pilot? In Wild Wings you’ll fly your own plane as the only pilot and passenger. Want to go upside down or would you rather just float along? You can make it as exciting and crazy as you like!


Tiki Pool

Twist in the Cyclone, race downwards at lightning speed in the Blits and float gently in the Lazy River. In the largest water slide paradise in the Benelux, the tropical Tiki Pool, there is more than 1.3 kilometres of sliding fun. There are some slides of which you even slide down at speeds higher than 60 km/h.

Wild Wings attraction at Duinrell


What about the (grand)parents?

Do you feel a bit too old (or rather: too young and too sprightly) for all the above attractions? Well, at Duinrell we also have plenty of fun attractions for those who don't 'want to do all that wild stuff, but still feel like spring chickens’.



The highest point in South-Holland? That's exactly where you’ll be standing on our watchtower. From here you have a panoramic view over our estate and in very clear weather you can see the sea, The Hague and sometimes even Rotterdam!



Enjoy a lovely walk with the little ones along the many fairy tales and legends. Wonderland is a small amusement park in itself. You may already know our fairy tales, so you can tell the story to them in an expressive way.



Have you seen our Carrousel? It dates back to 1864. Back then, the Carrousel was powered by horses, but luckily we have electricity now, so that’s no longer necessary. While you enjoy a nice cup of coffee and apple pie, the children can go on the Carrousel. Oh, and did you know they serve the best pancakes in the country here?


kids carrousel duinrell



Are these all the attractions we have at Duinrell?

No, we have many more attractions! Take a look at all our other attractions. You can use our filters to easily discover which attractions suit you best. Kids water park Playa and all our slides can be found at the Tiki Pool.

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