Amusement park

Our theme park is perfect for toddlers

The Carrousel, going for a dive in the Ball Lake, cuddling Rick the Frog ... taking your toddlers to Duinrell is wonderful! But you might be wondering whether your children are too small? Don’t worry, because we have a lot of super fun attractions for children smaller than 120 cm at Duinrell. These are our favourites!

Ball Lake

Do the cannon ball, float around and dip your head below the surface ... in this ball pit you can swim around in enormous containers filled with thousands of coloured balls. And the best part is: you won’t get wet!

Rick's Fun Factory

There are many adventures to go on in Rick's Adventure Castle. Rick’s big book reads to itself and the owl will give you wise lessons. Ring Rick the Frog’s doorbell while you’re there, he might be home.


Traffic Garden

Take a go-kart and participate in traffic. Duinrell's theme park has its own traffic rules and you can make a lot of laps. Are you going slower than you would like to go? Then stop at the petrol station, because you might need to refuel.


Have you seen our Carrousel? It’s very old and dates back to 1864. Back then, the Carrousel was powered by horses. But luckily our theme park has electricity now, so that’s no longer necessary. Oh, and while you’re there: did you know that you can have super delicious pancakes at the Carrousel?


If you’re brave enough, and Mum or Dad are with you, you can go on the ferris wheel Kikkerrad. Because what do little children want most? That’s right ... To be very big! Keep your eyes open, because you’ll have a lovely view over the Estate of Duinrell from the top!


Attention, attention ... Dear passengers, the train is about to depart! The train is starting to steam, and you don’t want to miss it, because it goes to a dark cave where a very friendly troll family lives!


Wonderland is an amusement park for toddlers in itself. You can explore the most amazing fairy tales, and another great thing is that there are mini attractions there! From a mini swing carousel to dancing mushrooms. Visiting Wonderland is always fun!


Does your toddler love trains? The Locomotion is a really cool attraction for the littlest ones. They can race through the Wild West without their parents on this train. Even tiny heroes who have just learned how to sit can go on a trip by themselves. An extra safety belt will keep them safely in their place. 


Once upon a time it all started with a playground, and that same playground is still a big success. Classic equipment and a few brand-new gems - the playground is very 2019.


Does your toddler really want to go on a rollercoaster? The rollercoaster Kikkerachtbaan is the perfect start to a dazzling rollercoaster career. It is fast and high, but not scary for kids with some guts. Indeed, most of them immediately run back to the entrance after coming off: again! Is your child smaller than 120 cm? In that case, he or she can go on the rollercoaster Kikkerachtbaan accompanied by you or someone else. 

Kids Waterpark Playa

And the Tiki Pool is only for older children?! Absolutely not true! We have the Kids Water Park Playa since 2017, especially for children under 120 cm. Yes, that means for children without a swimming diploma too. The water level is never higher than 15 cm and we have a heated pool especially for the smalles children (0 to 3 years old). So whether you’re big or small, the Tiki Pool is for the whole family!


Is that all for children under 120 cm?

No, we have many more attractions for small children! View all of our attractions especially for children under 120 cm. We also have attractions that your toddler might not be able to go on by themselves, but they can if you accompany them. 



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