Holiday park

For the perfect holiday!

Have you not yet booked your holiday? Make things easy for yourself, opt for great fun and come to Duinrell! Read on to find out what makes a Duinrell holiday unforgettable!
  1. 3, 2, 1… slide away! The Tiki Pool offers more than 1.3 km of sliding fun!
  2. Not in a cooking mood? Eating at a restaurant has never been easier. At Duinrell, you can choose from no less than three different La Place restaurants!
  3. Duinrell is located in the middle of the Randstad and is therefore surrounded by appealing cities. A day trip to Amsterdam? A visit to The Hague? Maybe get to know Rotterdam? You will be able to reach the loveliest of places within an hour!
  4. Would a beach holiday fulfil your dream? Good news! Wassenaar has a beach that is 8 kilometres long, and is located at only fifteen minutes by bike from the gates of Duinrell.
  5. A big pool might be a bit too much for the little ones. But in Kids Water Park Playa, in the Tiki Pool, the little ones can splash about in water that is only 15 centimetres deep. Safe and fun!

  6. Sports enthusiasts will be in sporting heaven in the Duinrell forest. Here, you will find a course with 21 exercises that will keep you busy for at least 1.5 hours. And let’s be honest, what is nicer than exercising in the open air?
  7. Why drive for three days straight when you can arrive at your dream destination within just a few hours or less? Duinrell is right around the corner. Or a lot closer than Italy, to say the least. 
  8. A camping site with an amusement park in the back garden, where else would you find something like that?
  9. Not in the mood for grocery shopping whilst packing for your holiday? Our Duinrell Superstore has everything you need. Nice and easy.
  10. Looking for a cute picturesque village? Tadaah!: the village centre of Wassenaar is less than a five-minute walk from Duinrell.
  11. You love the open air, but you’re not that experienced in camping? Book one of our luxurious lodge tents. These beautiful tents with scaffolding-wood furniture and private sanitary facilities are ready for you, and also have comfortable beds.
  12. Of course you can go and sit in an aeroplane with 300 other people. But in the Wild Wings, you are in control of your own private aeroplane and you decide how many loops you make!

  13. Children are in the attractions: check! You are immersed in your book: check!
  14. It may very well be that you have so much time for yourself during this holiday that you finish all of your books. No worries, you can keep reading: we have a Duinrell Magazine. Nice!
  15. The Watchtower, the Kikkerrad Ferris wheel, the Aqua Swing, and many other lovely locations are perfect for the nicest Instagram shots. Remember to tag us with #duinrell!
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