The best tips for local sights in Wassenaar

Duinrell is situated in the middle of the picturesque village of Wassenaar. In the rest of the Netherlands the village is mainly known for its many villas and large country houses, but there is much more fun to see and do in Wassenaar. Read our favorite tips for local sights in Wassenaar!

Local Market Berkheiveld

Every Tuesday from 9:00 to 16:00 the market people are ready for you at the Berkheiveld market in Wassenaar. Here you can buy everything from vegetables to flowers and from clothing to spring rolls and bread. The local market is within walking distance of Duinrell. It's nice to get a taste of the atmosphere on Tuesday, but also to get some groceries.



Luciano's Ijssalon: the best ice-cream parlour of Wassenaar

Of course we have very nice ice creams at Duinrell, but we admit: Luciano's ice creams are also pretty good. The Luciano ice-cream shop has been named the best ice-cream parlour in the Netherlands on several occasions and ranks 22nd among the best ice-cream parlours in the world! Luciano is located in the middle of the old town within walking distance of Duinrell and the salon stands for traditional fresh ice cream. You'll find classics like strawberry, lemon and stracciatella, as well as flavours you won't find anywhere else. Think of flavours like honey figs, bacon biscuits and raspberry crumble pie (depending on the season, of course). Definitely worth tasting! Maybe you will meet Queen Máxima and the princesses, because they love a delicious ice cream from Luciano!





Windmill de Windlust

When you think of the Netherlands, you think of windmills. At the end of the centre of Wassenaar you will find the old mill Windlust. At exactly the same spot there were two flour mills before, but the current mill is more than 350 years old and dates back to the year 1668! Almost every Saturday afternoon the iconic windmill is open and you can visit it for free!



Petting Zoo Wassenaar

The Wassenaar Petting Zoo is about 10 minutes away by bike. Nice if your children love animals. Entrance is completely free and the farm is open during the week from 9:00 to 16:30. Please note: in the weekend the farm is closed. While the children enjoy the sheep, horses and rabbits, mum and dad can have a cup or coffee on the terrace of 'Het Blijhuis'.



Louwman museum

Do you love cars and do you have sons (or daughters) who are also completely car crazy? The Louwman Museum houses the world's oldest private collection of cars, brought together by two generations of the Louwman family. The foundation of the collection was laid in 1934 and now the collection has been expanded to some 250 antique and classic cars. Buy your ticket here with discount for the car museum. The Louwman Museum is about 8 kilometres from Duinrell.





Voorlinden museum

Are the children enjoying themselves at Duinrell and do mum and dad want a museum full of modern and contemporary art? The Voorlinden Museum is about 6 kilometres from Duinrell. Businessman and art collector Joop van Caldenborgh opened his dream here in 2016: a museum of international stature that houses his renowned art collection. By the way, if the children would like to come along, ask for the free "I see I see" tickets. They will be guided through the museum in a playful manner through an exciting voyage of discovery.



Cycle or walk through Meijendel

The Meijendel nature reserve, part of National Park Hollandse Duinen, is a large contiguous dune area that stretches between Scheveningen and Wassenaar. Here you will find open dune landscapes, water features, forests and a long sandy beach. There is a cycle path right through the nature reserve, so if you fancy a wonderful bike ride from Wassenaar to Scheveningen. Do you prefer walking? Definitely do it! Chances are you'll see wild animals like deer, foxes and Scottish Highlanders along the way. In the middle of Meijendel you will find Meyendel Farm, a nice place to rest and have a drink.





Wassenaarse Slag: the beach of Wassenaar

And the last tip is one of the best (atleast for us). Less than 4 kilometres from Duinrell is the beach of  Wassenaar: the Wassenaarse Slag. Within 15 minutes by bike from Duinrell you are on the 8 kilometer long beach. A unique feature of this beach is that it is located next to the Meijendel nature reserve. You cycle and walk through the rough dunes before you reach the beach. The beach is quiet and is a nice place to get a breath of fresh air or if the weather is nice: take a dip in the sea!





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