Early bird gift

3 hours free access to the Tiki Pool

Unpack your early bird gift

Christmas is a time for giving, and the gifts just keep on coming! Duinrell has a nice gift for you, too. If you book your 2019 Duinrell holiday now, each guest will receive free access to the Tiki Pool for three hours every day.

Slide away!

The Tiki Pool has so many great slides that you will want to try them all. It’s your lucky day! With three hours free access to the Tiki Pool you will have plenty of time to whizz down them all. Even better: you can decide for yourself when you want to spend your three hours in the pool. You may prefer to visit the pool after six, when most of the day visitors have gone home. 3, 2, 1… slide away!


Vamos a la Playa

Even though you are on holiday in the Netherlands, the Spanish beach is just a few metres away from your accommodation. The water in Kids Water Park Playa is only 15 centimetres deep, so it is ideal for children aged 4 to 12 who want to splash around and have fun. But look out... if they stand under the tipping water bucket, they run the risk of getting drenched. Hilarious! 



Just relax!

In the Tiki Pool you can slide away to your heart’s content, but if you prefer you can just relax instead. In the Lazy River you can float along at your leisure without a care in the world. If you don’t fancy swimming but want to keep an eye on your kids, this is not a problem. This early bird gift also gives you access to the Tiki Pool in your normal clothes. You can sit on the terrace and enjoy a drink and a snack as you supervise your children. Cheers!


Early bird gift

Normally if you book a Duingalow or luxury lodge tent, you have two hours of free access to the Tiki Pool per day between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. If you book a pitch at the campsite, you pay €5 per person for two hours in the Tiki Pool. Take advantage of our early bird discount and you will have free access to the Tiki Pool for three hours every day at the time of your choice. Free fun for all!

Book your stay in a Duingalow

Book your stay in a Duingalow

Have you not booked a holiday for 2019 yet? View our range of comfortable Duingalows. The perfect accommodation for a family vacation! Book your holiday for 2019 now and get 3 hours daily access to the Tiki Pool! With 16 unique slides for young and old, you will experience a holiday you will never forget. Take a look at the new Kids waterpark Playa, for children shorter than 1.20m.

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