Lots of love from Duinrell!

The Duinrell Dates restaurant has opened its doors especially for Valentine's Day. The guests come from all over Duinrell and are looking for the one and only. Do they dare to go on a blind date? And is it love at first sight? With bartender and server Mario and of course host Ed, it will be a date full of passion.

The love couples are coming in again and today we have two very special guests. Our very own Rick and Lelie. The ambitious host of Duinrell is looking for someone with who he can do fun things together in his proud park. Will he succeed in finding the love of his life?


The guests of Duinrell have a very special dinner together. Do you want to see how the date of Rick and Lelie goes? Check out the whole video below! Lots of love from Duinrell!

Bezig met laden