A look behind the scenes

In the summer, the Splash is all about water. But the past few weeks the water was nowhere to be seen. We performed major maintenance. Ronald from our Technical Department tells us what happened.

Tell us Ronald, who are you and what do you do at Duinrell?

"In 2006, I started as an intern at the Technical Department of Duinrell. After my internship, I never left the estate again. The Splash is my favourite attraction to maintain. I've been doing the maintenance for the Splash since 2008 and it still doesn't bore me. There is a lot of maintenance every year, because it is a big ride. That keeps my work fun and diverse. I do most of the maintenance alone, but in the winter when we do major maintenance I get help from colleagues."


Colleague Ronald has been maintaining the Splash since 2008 and it still doesn't bore him!


How often is the Splash serviced?

"To make sure the ride is working properly and safely, we inspect the Splash daily. In addition, we carry out maintenance several times a week. This way, we ensure that there are as few breakdowns as possible. Because, of course, nobody wants that! The maintenance that is done most frequently is the lubrication of the wheels. By doing this, we prevent the boat from coming to a standstill during the ride."


"In the winter we do major maintenance on the Splash. Obviously, the Splash is a water attraction and cannot be used when it is freezing. Because the ride is not used in the winter, it gives us the opportunity to do all the major maintenance work." 


Once the water has been pumped away, the big winter maintenance can begin!


What maintenance has been done this winter?

"This year, both boats were completely dismantled and refurbished. All rotating parts were checked and lubricated. All the bolts and fasteners were checked, and we didn't skip the steelwork either. Subsequently, the pumps and motors were dismantled and inspected, so that we can be sure that the attraction will run smoothly. I never do the maintenance of the Splash all by myself. There are several departments that contribute. The carpenters have checked the woodwork and replaced it where necessary and the Decoration Department has painted a number of parts. And when we're all done, our Environmental Department makes sure the Splash looks like new again. In short, together we ensure that the attraction can run well again next season!"


The boats have also been checked and refurbished. They are ready for another summer season.


What is special about the maintenance of the Splash?

"With some attractions, all the parts come from a factory. The special thing about Splash is that we often make parts ourselves. We then make these parts completely according to our own wishes, which enables us to make improvements to the ride time and time again."


The boats have been returned to the attraction.


What maintenance do you enjoy doing most?

"I always enjoy the big maintenance during the winter, when I replace the big chain on the lift or replace parts that are normally under water. When the water is gone, we can reach them easily. It's a strange sight of course, the Splash without water."


Ronald always enjoys the big maintenance in the winter. Then he replaces the big chain on the lift or parts that are normally under water.


How much water goes into the Splash?

"A lot of water, of course, because the guests have to be able to get a little wet, haha. Approximately 600,000 litres go into the Splash's 'bath'. A large pump is needed to fill the Splash with water. How this works exactly is of course a secret, but 600,000 litres is not just lying around in the attraction."


The Splash is flowing with water again.


Finally, if you have to choose... the open or closed boat?

The open boat of course! ;-)


If he has to choose, Ronald chooses the open boat.


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