Duinrell has changed in winterwonderland!

Since Sunday, the Netherlands is covered in a layer of snow and Duinrell has also changed into a winter wonderland. For everyone who misses us, we made some winter pictures. 

#1 The Falcon

Normally the Falcon runs 70 km per hour, but since we are closed the attraction is in hibernation. Because of this there is a nice layer of snow on our fastest roller coaster.


#2 Water Playhouse

In summertime the water playhouse is all about water, the slides and the tipping bucket. At the moment the water play house is more like a snow play house. ;-)  


#3 White roofs on our holiday park

Our holiday park is also covered with a thick layer of snow. Ideal for the kids, because they have all the space they need to build a snowman and make snow angels. What is also fun and a bit exciting: sledding from the dunes. And afterwards warm up in your Duingalow (some even have a sauna!).


#4 Rick also stays inside

In this winter weather our Rick the Frog is not going on the road. It's slippery outside and that's nothing for him. He stays nice and warm inside in his own little house. Saves scratching ;-).


#5 The Splash

Normally you can't see the Splash because of a layer of water, but now you can hardly see the ride because of a thick layer of snow. Do you still recognise the attraction?


#6 The Tiki Pool

In the Tiki Pool you slide down the slides real fast and in the outdoor pool you can enjoy the heated outdoor pool in summer. Now there is also a thick layer of snow on and around the Tiki Pool and this provides unique images. To be honest, it is now more like an ice paradise than a slide paradise.


#7 Snowy Lodge tents in the Duinvallei

The Duinvallei now looks like a ski resort. These images make us want to sledge down the dunes. Would you too?


#8 White dunes

Normally the dunes are brown with sand and it immediately gives the summer feeling. From the watchtower we now see snow dunes and its beautiful North Sea. In the dunes behind Duinrell you can now enjoy a winter walk. It is beautiful there!


#9 Aqua Swing

The colours of the Aqua Swing stand out beautifully in the white snowy landscape.


#10 The Toboggan 

Something unique at Duinrell: The Toboggan in the dunes! Now the Toboggan has become a real winter sports attraction ;-).


#11 Nice and warm inside

Of course snow is great fun, but it can make you cold. That does not matter, because from your accommodation you have a beautiful view of a snowy Duinrell.  So pour yourself a hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful white landscape from your couch.

We hope you enjoyed the images and we hope to see you at Duinrell again soon.


Bezig met laden