School trip package Tiki Pool

School trip at the Tiki Pool with unlimited entrance!

Enjoy with all your classmates 11 unique slides with more than one kilometre of slides in the Tiki Pool!


Schoolreis patatlunch + waterijsje                                                                 € 4,25 p.p.
Schoolreis patatlunch                                                                                      € 4,00 p.p.
Parking car                                                                                                        € 8,00 per car


Extra information

Unlimited entry to the Tiki Pool



  • It’s required to make the reservations at least three days before arriving
  • School trips only possible at weekdays (exl. School holidays)
  • Per six students, one attendant is required
  • Check the safety rules of the Tiki Pool
  • Questions or make the reservation by phone? Call the school trip department via telephone number +31 (0) 70 5155 255 of fill in the form below.
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Tina Festival

Saturday and Sunday the amusement park and the Tiki Pool are closed because of Tina Festival.