The corona measures at Duinrell

Duinrell is open again! We are aware that your day out or holiday will be different in the near future. That's why we like to tell you what our corona measures are.


Measures and frequently asked questions:

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The most important measures

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Make sure that you can always keep 1.5 meters distance from others. We avoid one-to-one contact as much as possible.
  • Extra hygiene measures. Together with our cleaning partners, we pay extra attention to hygiene. We're also asking you to do this. Wash your hands regularly and use disinfectant.
  • Spreading visitors. We will ensure that there will be no crowds at Duinrell. We allow a maximum number of visitors to our Estate. 
  • Health. We kindly ask you to visit our park only if you do not suffer from the following complaints: nose cold, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, (slight) temperature, fever and/or shortness of breath.
  • Additional information. We give our guests clear instructions and as much (digital) information as possible with the aim of a carefree and safe holiday.

Holiday park


Most important measures holiday park:

  • Max. 1 person per family can check in at reception.
  • Always keep 1.5 meters distance from others.
  • Pay extra attention to hygiene.
  • Preferably pay with pin/contactless.
  • Sanitary buildings closed until the 1st of July.
    • Yes, our holiday park is open. You can book a Duingalow, Luxury Lodgetent or camping pitch with private sanitary facilities. The toilet blocks on our campsite are closed until the 1st of July, but if you have your own sanitary facilities you are of course welcome to visit Duinrell.

    • Your stay includes unlimited access to the amusement park. You will also have access to the Tiki Pool* a number of times. To avoid a crowded Tiki Pool, we work with time slots. Until the 1st of July, the attractions are open on a rotating basis.


      *Access Tiki Pool:

      • Weekend: 1x two hours access
      • Midweek: 2x two hours access
      • Week: 3x two hour access
    • In order to avoid crowds in the Tiki Pool and to give all guests the opportunity to swim, you need to book an arrival time. You also have to make a choice for Tiki Pool inside OR Tiki Pool outside. You can also only swim for a maximum of 2 hours. When you arrive at Duinrell you will receive a unique code(s), with these unique code(s) you can reserve your Tiki Pool visit. We will give you more information about this on site.

    • Because of the corona virus we can only allow a maximum number of guests in the Tiki Pool at the same time. This applies both indoors and outdoors. So we want to spread out as many guests as possible to give everyone the opportunity to use the Tiki Pool. We understand the possible inconvenience, but at the moment we cannot and unfortunately must not do otherwise. The advantage is that there are no queues in the Tiki Pool and it is not very busy at the moment.

    • Check in

      Before your arrival you will receive a lot of information by email, so you can prepare yourself and get in the holiday spirit. We keep the check-in process short and concise to avoid waiting times. All you have to do is get the latest information and the disinfected key to your accommodation or private bathroom at reception.


      Check out

      In the interests of hygiene for our staff, we ask you to collect the bedding yourself on the day of departure and place it in the appropriate bag. Place this bag at the front door. You can leave the key to the accommodation at the outgoing barrier from your car in the return containers, you don't have to go to reception. Check-out time for Duingalows and Luxury Lodge Tents is 10.30 am. The check-out time for the campsite is 12.00 noon.

    • All our Duingalows and Luxury Lodgetents have a private garden or veranda with terrace, so you can enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly. Our spacious pitches have private sanitary facilities. All accommodation and private sanitary facilities are cleaned with care by us. We pay extra attention to hygiene.

    • Bike rental

      The Bike Rental is open. Here you can rent bikes, so you can explore the natural surroundings of Duinrell by bike. Go-karts and 4 person family bikes can also be rented here.



      Our own Superstore is open for all your shopping needs.


      Food & Drink

      You can pick up snacks and pizzas at the La Place pick-up points and enjoy them in your own accommodation. 


      From 5 June, the Duinrell Pub will also be open for a pleasant drink. You need to book a time slot of max. 50 minutes with a staff member in front of the entrance of the Pub (max. 30 persons per time slot).

If you didn't find what you were looking for, take a look at our list of frequently asked questions.



The most important measures at the attractions:

  • Always keep 1.5 meters away from others.
  • Pay extra attention to hygiene.
  • Wait with your family within the designated areas.
  • Follow the instructions of our employees.
  • Follow the indicated walking direction.

Tiki Pool


Most important measures in the Tiki Pool:

  • Always keep 1.5 meters away from others.
  • Pay extra attention to hygiene.
  • We work with time slots of up to 2 hours access per person.
  • If possible, change in advance.
  • Lockers and showers are out of order. Take your belongings into the swimming hall in a closed bag.
  • Tire slides are closed.
  • Only children up to 12 years old are allowed in Playa. Parents must supervise on the side.
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