House rules

Tiki Pool Regulations

In order to make your visit to the Tiki Pool as pleasant and safe as possible,
the following house rules are in place. By using our facilities, you agree to
our house rules.


  • At the Tiki Pool, the general municipal by laws (Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening
    (APV) apply.
  • Guests who do not comply with our house rules will be requested to leave the
    Tiki Pool by our staff. Serious or repeated infringements can lead to you being
    denied entry to Holiday and Amusement Park Duinrell for a certain period.
  • All visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the staff at all times.


  • Your ticket provides you with one-time admission to the Tiki Pool. Once you have
    entered the Tiki Pool, you are not permitted to leave and return again.
  • You may be asked to produce proof of identity in order to be admitted to the Tiki
    Pool. Without valid ID, admission to the Tiki Pool may be denied.
  • You will need your admission ticket to leave the Tiki Pool. If you have lost your
    admission ticket, we will have to charge you a fee of € 5.-.
  • Guests of the Holiday park will only be granted access upon presentation of a valid
    Duinrell ID with a recent passport photo.
  • When it is extremely busy, Duinrell reserves the right to limit the maximum access
  • Children without a level A swimming certificate and children younger than 12 years
    of age will only be admitted to the Tiki Pool when they are accompanied by a
    person aged 18 or older.
  • The use of a floatation device (i.e. water wings or life preserver) is mandatory for
    persons under 1.2 m in height, regardless of any swimming diplomas possessed by
    the swimmer, as well as for persons who have not received their basic swimming
    diploma. This rule does not apply in Playa.
  • Groups of more than 8 persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an
    adult supervisor.
  • Groups can be refused entrance. We may ask for a deposit of € 100.-.
  • All visitors must take a shower before entering the pool.


  • Duinrell is not liable for damages, theft, loss, fire, injury or accidents of any kind
    occurring during and/or resulting from a visit to the Tiki Pool.
  • Duinrell is only liable for damages and/or injury caused by an intentional act or gross
    negligence on the part of its staff.
  • We will always report acts of wilful destruction, theft, violence and indecent behaviour
    to the police.
  • We recommend that you store your belongings in the lockers.
  • We advise visitors with buggies or prams to place these in the buggy shelter.
    Locks are available at the Tiki Pool’s cash register upon payment of a deposit.


  • At the Tiki Pool, you must behave in such a way that you are not a danger to yourself
    or other visitors.
  • Before you go on a slide, you must first familiarise yourself with the safety rules listed
    on the safety signs.
  • If you have certain physical complaints, such as pregnancy, back or neck problems,
    or heart problems, we advise that you do not make use of the water attractions.
  • Sliding and swimming is only permitted in proper swimwear. Swimwear that consists
    of more than 70% polyamide may be subject to accelerated wear and tear due to use
    of the slides.
  • Filming with (action) cameras is permitted, provided they are attached to the head or
    body (not loose or on a stick), and provided other guests are not filmed in a way that
    makes them easily recognisable.


  • Behaviour of an overt sexual nature (wanted and unwanted) will not be tolerated.
  • It is not permitted to harass other visitors and/or our staff. All forms of verbal and/or
    physical violence towards other visitors or towards the staff are forbidden.
  • Visitors are not permitted to loiter in or near the dressing rooms.
  • Visitors are not permitted to enter the pool area wearing shoes. Special outer
    footwear is for sale at the Tiki Pool’s cash register.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the Tiki Pool and in the Tiki Pool queue.
  • Excessive use of alcohol and the use of soft and hard drugs are not permitted in the
    Tiki Pool complex.
  • It is not permitted to run in the pool area.
  • It is not permitted to bring glasses and/or crockery with you into the pool area.
    At the Tiki Pool, eating and/or drinking is only permitted in the restaurant area.

Use of the slides completely at one's own risk!


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