Temporary housing

Looking for temporary housing? Rent a Duingalow!

Are you looking for temporary housing? At Holiday and amusement park Duinrell in Wassenaar you can rent a Duingalow for a longer period of time during the winter. Are you looking for housing for clients, employees or expats? Or are you searching for temporary housing due to moving house or a house renovation?

Booking conditions temporary housing

In consultation with our bookings department, you can decide on the most suitable length of stay for your particular situation. It is possible to book for a period of four weeks or longer. Prolonging your stay during this period is also possible, with a minimum of two weeks.

Interested in temporary housing?

If you are interested in these arrangements or if you would like more information on temporary housing at Duinrell, our staff members are at your service. Call +31 70 5155 255 during office hours.

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