The nicest outings during your Duinrell holiday

Although there's plenty to do at Duinrell itself, there's so much more to see and do in the surrounding area. We’re happy to provide you with some tips for great outings during your holiday at Duinrell.

Soldaat van Oranje - The musical
This musical tells the famous story of the dutch soldier Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema and is based on his book Soldier of Orange. Theater, film and music come together in a stunning 360 degree theatre surrounded by the biggest set ever seen.
This wonderful flower park is the most beautiful spring park in the world. Marvel at the inspiration gardens, enjoy the flower shows and admire special floral art.

Who’s most interesting in the whole world? Admit it, it must be you. But nearly no one knows what’s going on inside our bodies. CORPUS in Leiden is changing that. Over a 55-minute tour you’ll be peeking around in the human body, after which you can play fun games and do tests.

De Pier in Scheveningen
On De Pier in Scheveningen there is a lot to do whole year around. From bungee-jumping for adrenaline junkies to catching wholesome laughs at the shows of Tasty Comedy.
Het Binnenhof
In the centre of The Hague lies Het Binnenhof. In this beautiful spot the chiefs of the Netherlands conduct their daily debates. Would you like to look around the two Chambers of Parliament, or the original knighting chambers, de Ridderzaal? Book a Prodemos-tour and you’ll get an exclusive peek behind the scenes!
The Rijksmuseum
It’s on everyone’s bucket list: a visit to the Rijksmuseum. Better reserve some time for it, because at this humongous museum there is so much to see that you could wander around the entire day. The Rijksmuseum (literally Imperial Museum) in Amsterdam is the greatest museum in the world to see Dutch art. Its most famous painting – Rembrandt van Rijn’s The Night Watch (De Nachtwacht) – is also its top attraction.
A'dam Lookout
The greatest tour of Amsterdam: A’dam Lookout. From the 21st floor you’ll have an amazingly beautiful, 360-degree panoramic view over the city. Extra exciting: climb on the highest swing in Europe and fly just over the edge.
SS Rotterdam
A 228-meter colossus in elegant steel, waiting to provide children and parents with a wonderful day out. The special ship SS Rotterdam is moored in Rotterdam and used to sail between there and New York! Today, it is the place to go for amazing food, and to rediscover history and enjoy a tour. Reason enough for a day trip to Rotterdam.
De Tapuit visitor centre
De Tapuit is perfect for a day out. De Tapuit is the ideal starting point for a day in Meijendel. Cycle or take a pleasant walk through the dunes, or set out with a guidebook. There is also plenty to do for children. They can romp around, climb and play in the Monkeybos, or splash around in the water playground.
Children's farm Wassenaar
At this children’s farm there is a variety of animals: various breeds of sheep and goat, two pigs, a fjord horse, Shetland pony, a noble donkey, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and turkeys. The children’s farm is located in Weteringpark West at the Rodenburglaan 80 in Wassenaar.
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