Cultural sights in National Park Hollandse Duinen

National Park Hollandse Duinen is much more than beach, dunes, forest and wildlife. Discover the culture and history in the national park and enjoy stately estates, numerous interesting museums and historic buildings.


Our favorite is Castle Duivenvoorde, between Voorschoten and Leidschendam. The castle is one of the oldest in South Holland, because as early as 1226 the castle is mentioned in historical pieces. You can stroll in the surrounding English Landscape Park and during the museum season, from April to October, you can also take a look inside the castle.

Seven estates you must see

In National Park Hollandse Duinen hikers can enjoy the most beautiful estates and country estates. They were built in the 17th and 18th centuries, and are now green oases in the middle of the Randstad.

Cultural-historical walks

In National Park Hollandse Duinen you will also find the traces of people. Think of footpaths, bunkers, old fields, waterways, border posts, ramparts and water towers. Sometimes they are clearly visible, sometimes you have to use your imagination a little to see it. Walk along hiking trails with the people who lived and worked here. From about 60 years ago to more than 500 years ago.


Does your Duinrell vacation fall between Saturday 20 March and Sunday 9 May 2021? Then you are very lucky! Because the flower fields of the Keukenhof will be full of more than 7 million tulips spread over 32 hectares for just a few weeks. If you stand among all those tulips you'll understand why the Dutch love these flowers so much. Tip: for children there is a nice treasure hunt at the entrance.

Museums in nearby cities

Get locked up in one of the cells in the medieval museum the Gevangenpoort in The Hague. Be careful not to go to the torture chamber! Or discover the wonderful world of nature in Naturalis. Rather go to Amsterdam? Then dive into history and visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. There are a lot of nice museums in the neighborhood!

there is more in the area


Plenty of great cities in the area

  •   The Hague
  •   Amsterdam
  •   Leiden

Sun, sea, and sand

  •   Wassenaarse slag
  •   Scheveningen
  •   Katwijk

A journey of discovery

  •   Landgoederenroute
  •   Meijendel
  •   Bollenstreek
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