House rules

House rules Holiday park Duinrell

Our goal is to make your stay at Duinrell a fantastic one. In order to make your visit as pleasant as possible, we have composed a number of rules and guidelines. By entering Duinrell’s premises, you are agreeing to these regulations.

Fire or accident: In the event of fire/accident, immediately notify the fire Brigade/ambulance on the national emergency tel. no. 112 first, and then Duinrell’s management staff on the park’s emergency tel. no. 0031 (0)70 5155 333.


Duinrell I.D.

In order to prevent unwelcome guests entering the park, you will receive a Duinrell ID. This is a personal access pass with a recent passport photo. The Duinrell ID should always be displayed at the entrance of the Duinrell site and you also have to be able to present the Duinrell ID at any moment during your stay.

Legal ID

During your stay, you must be able to produce your identity documents upon request. Whenever guests are unable to produce legal ID, Duinrell reserves the right to refuse them entry.

Car pass

A car pass allows you to access the site with your vehicle during your stay. Your car pass, equipped with the car registration number, needs to be visibly placed behind the windscreen for your car when present on the Duinrell site.

Amusement park entry

Entry to the amusement park (open daily from March till October) is included in your stay. Children under 12 years of age will only be allowed entry to the amusement park if accompanied by an adult. Each attraction has its own safety requirements, which stand posted at each attraction. Please respect these. Guests are advised that they use the attractions at their own risk.

Tiki Pool entry

Entry to the Tiki Pool depends on the time of year and your type of stay. For more information, please consult your booking confirmation. Children under 12 years of age will only be allowed entry to the Tiki Pool when accompanied by an adult. There are strict safety rules in effect at the Tiki Pool for each water slide. The use of a floatation device (i.e. inflatable armbands or a life preserver) is mandatory for persons under 1.20 meter in height, regardless of any swimming diplomas possessed by the swimmer, as well as for persons who have not received their basic swimming diploma. Use of the slides is at your own risk.

Visiting guests

Visiting guests are welcome at Duinrell. You must register your visiting guest(s) at Duinrell reception. Visiting guests who stay the night will be charged the overnight rate and day visitors will pay the entrance fee and the parking fee for the amusement park. Day visitors are required to leave Duinrell that same day. If they do not, Duinrell will charge a further lodging fee.

Entitled party

Duinrell is entitled to refuse entry or accommodation to people, animals, vehicles and camping equipment as it sees fit. Instructions and decisions issued by Duinrell personnel must be followed immediately.

Arrival and departure times for Duingalows and Duinhostel

You may pick up your key from Duinrell reception from 3.30 p.m. onwards. On the day of your departure, you may continue to use your Duingalow or the Duinhostel until 10.30 a.m. You must have returned your key to Duinrell reception, or have placed it in the white letterbox at the exit, by 10.30 a.m.

Arrival and departure time lodge tents

Keys will be issued from 3.30 p.m.. On the day of departure, lodge tents must be vacated before 12 noon and keys must be returned to the Duinrell reception, or placed in the white letterbox, by 12 noon. If you hand in your key after 12 noon, you will be charged for an extra night’s stay.

Arrival and departure time for campsites

Campsites are ready for arrival after 1 p.m. On the day of departure, campsites must be vacated before 12 noon. If you leave after 12 noon, you will be charged for an extra night’s stay.


Pets are welcome at Duinrell. They are allowed in the amusement park, the forests and dunes, a number of Comfort class and Budget class Duingalows, and on the camping site, so long as they are leashed and do not cause a disturbance. Pets are not allowed in the Duinhostel, the restaurants, at the Tiki Pool, and throughout Duinrell Plaza. Guests with pets are required to carry and use clean-up baggies. These are available at the Duinrell reception.


Recreation terms and conditions

In addition to these rules, all stays at Duinrell are subject to the Dutch recreation terms and conditions (based on the RECRON conditions for tourist locations and holiday accommodations). These can be explained at the Duinrell reception and will be issued upon request.


Duinrell may request a deposit. A deposit is always requested for bookings of 5 accommodations/rooms or more, as well as for last-minute bookings. A deposit of € 100.- will be asked for each Duingalow, lodge tent and/or room in the Duinhostel. A deposit of € 25.- per person will be asked for campsites. Duinrell will return deposits by bank transfer if the accommodations and/or the campsites are left in good repair and the park rules have been obeyed. Fill in the deposit form. If the deposit is withheld because of violation of the house rules, the deposit must be supplemented instantly so that the deposit amount remains intact. 


Damage to buildings, plant life and/or other property of Duinrell, as well as damages as a result of pollution to the soil, containers, or pollution of any nature, will be charged to the perpetrator(s).



Duinrell is not liable for damages, theft, loss, fire, injury or accidents of any kind. Storage lockers are available for hire at the Duinrell reception for your valuables.


Sanitary facilities

Please keep the sanitary facilities clean. Please make use of the garbage containers and sanitary boxes. Chemical toilets can be emptied at the disposal site reserved for this purpose. Drinking water is available from the taps. Drains are intended for carrying away dishwater.


Garbage and household refuse must be placed in plastic bags and deposited in the waste containers. Bags are available from the Duinrell reception. Please dispose of glass in the special glass containers only. Chemical waste which falls under the BACA regulations, including asbestos, paints, and glues, must not be disposed of in the containers. These substances must be submitted to the municipal refuse collectors. Dead batteries may be deposited in the box at the Duinrell reception.

Supervision and behavior


Smoking is prohibited in the Duingalows, in the Lodge tents, in the Duinhostel, in all public areas of Duinrell, in the attractions and in the queues of the attractions.

Alcohol, soft drugs and hard drugs

The use of soft drugs, hard drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited, and will be viewed as public intoxication/alcohol consumption.


It is prohibited to dig holes and ditches, dump wastewater in the soil, light up fireworks, damage or destroy trees, plants and bushes, smoke in the woodlands and/or sail on the waters in visitors’ own boats. It is forbidden to set up a party tent and/or other tents in the garden of the Duingalow.

Aggressive behaviour

No form of aggression towards guests or Duinrell personnel will be tolerated. Upon discovery of aggression, Duinrell will notify the police and shall be entitled to immediately deny the parties entry to Duinrell. This also includes denial for entry to the Holiday Park.  


It is prohibited to disturb others with noise, ball games, etc. Audio equipment must not be audible outside of your own accommodation. Duinrell may immediately deny those disturbing others with noise or their behaviour entry to the premises and/or a stay at Duinrell.

Night hours

The access barrier will be closed between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Operating motor vehicles between these times is prohibited. It is not possible to leave Duinrell via motor vehicle before 7 a.m. There will be consequences for those who ignore the above. If you arrive at Duinrell after 11 p.m., you may park your car at the P2 car park until 7 a.m.

Speed limit

The speed limit at Duinrell is 5 kph (±3 mph). The use of the horn and unnecessary use of motor vehicles is prohibited. Scooters with a yellow license plate are not allowed to be driven at Duinrell. However, scooters with a blue license plate are allowed. Operating all vehicles. Bicycles and go-karts are also prohibited on the premises of the amusement park and in the woodlands and dunes. Road Traffic Act is valid.


Visitors may park one car free of charge per lodging at their Duingalow or campsite. Extra cars must be parked in car park P4 at a cost of €5,- per car per night. If, on the day of departure, you would like to spend the rest of the day at the amusement park, you can park your car in car park P4 free of charge.


If you are dissatisfied with your stay at Duinrell, please let us know immediately so that we may have the opportunity to rectify your complaint.


Should the above park rules be disobeyed, Duinrell is authorised to immediately deny the parties concerned entry or accommodation. Duinrell maintains a no-refund policy.

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