Dialysis is available close by!

For those who want to have a worry-free holiday while they continue to receive the medical care they require, dialysis is available from Haaglanden Medical Centre Antoniushove (HMC Antoniushove), which is located a mere 15 minutes from Duinrell by car, for renal patients staying at Duinrell.

Information and how it works

  • During the Duinrell booking process, you can request a regular dialysis appointment at HMC Antoniushove. A number of regular spots are reserved for guests staying at Duinrell, bookable up to three months in advance of your visit.
  • A dialysis reservation includes the use of the special taxi service from Duinrell to HMC Antoniushove and back. This allows your holiday companions to retain the use of their vehicles and provides you with more independence.
  • The costs of the dialysis arrangements are clearly invoiced: you settle your Duinrell booking with Duinrell, and the dialysis treatments with HMC Antoniushove on location.
  • In addition to Dutch, several nurses also speak German and English.

Reservations - by telephone only

If you would like to make use of the holiday dialysis arrangements at HMC Antoniushove, our experienced reservations staff will put you in touch with the regular contact person at HMC Antoniushove. Your Duinrell booking will be held as pending until you have received confirmation of your dialysis appointment. Your Duinrell booking will then be made definitive.



  • Make your reservation by telephone at +31 (0)70 515-5255
  • To ensure a quick and efficient booking process, please fill out an application form for the dialysis reservation. We will call you back as soon as we can. We need a proof that treatment at HMC Antoniushove will be remunerated by your health insurance company.
  • Once you have been accepted into the holiday dialysis arrangement: MRSA test during the last dialysis treatment in your own dialysis centre, for patients from Germany, Sweden or Norway. Patients from other countries than those stated will be tested for MRSA at HMC Antoniushove and treated in isolation.



Your Duinrell holiday booking will be handled with extra care so that you are assured of a worry-free stay. The normal reservation feewill be waived for you. Furthermore, you are free to choose from any type of accommodation and any of the current arrangements and promotions. Investigate the available options by visiting www.duinrell.com.

  • The price of the dialysis treatment is in accordance with the current price in HMC, the reimbursement in accordance with the own health insurance.
  • The costs of your holiday will be invoiced separately from your dialysis treatments.
  • Your dialysis treatments will be settled on location at HMC Antoniushove per visit. You must arrange the further settlement of your treatments with your insurance company beforehand. HMC Antoniushove will require proof of this.


What you can expect

  • Each dialysis chair is provided with its own TV.
  • During the dialysis treatment, you will be well cared for and coffee, tea, soda and cookies are aravailable. A sandwich with topping of your choice will be offered afterwards.
  • Online HDF treatments are available.
  • One of the hospital’s nephrologists makes house calls once per week and is available by telephone for urgent matters.
  • The nurses are trained to inject patients using the buttonhole technique.
  • The Medical Centre is located on the first floor of the hospital and can easily be reached by lift.
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