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Tiki Pool evening subscription
Unlimited entry to the TIki Pool
Valid when amusement park is closed
Various discount coupons

Price: € 58.50 p.p.

All the advantages in a row

  • Access to the Amusement Park and/or Tiki Pool for the entire season.
  • Get 20% discount off a visit to Duinrell.
  • Get a one-off 25% guest discount for max. four people.
  • Get discount coupons for souvenirs, games, restaurants and other attractions.

Have you already got an ID card?

Please note: If you already have an ID card (new version from 2016), then you don't need to apply for a new one. Instead, you can purchase a barcode card at the ticket office when you show your ID card.

Apply for subscription

A Duinrell subscription consists of an ID card with your personal details and a barcode card containing the subscription type and validity. You can apply for an ID card using the online form. You will need a recent, digital photo. You will receive a message when the ID card is ready. The barcode card can be purchased at the ticket office. The rate depends on the type of subscription you choose.  

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Tina Festival

Saturday and Sunday the amusement park and the Tiki Pool are closed because of Tina Festival.