Culinairy packages

Culinairy package deals

Complete your holiday with a world-class breakfast and a Grand dinner! No cooking or dishwashing during your stay at Duinrell.

Breakfast buffet
Start your day with a world-class breakfast buffet.
Dinner buffet
Eat as much as you like at the dinner buffet, with homemade specialties
Breakfast & dinner buffet combination
Combine a comprehensive breakfast with the delicious dinner buffet
All inclusive package
Enjoy all the delights throughout the day that our restaurants have to offer

Book the arrangements directly online with your Duingalow or campsite or call the reservation department: 0031 70 5155 255.

Note: If you wish to take advantage of the discounted rate, you must book the arrangement in advance of your arrival. You will be charged the regular rate when booking the arrangement during your stay.

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