Price info lodge tents

Check the price info of the lodge tents below.  

General prices

 Online reservation fee 

 € 10.- per booking  

 Telephone reservation fee

 € 15.- per booking  

 Preference fee

 € 15.- per booking  

 Alteration fee

 € 15.- per alteration  

The lodge tent prices include bed linen, cleaning, water and electricity and exclude reservation fee and tourist tax (from approx. € 14.01 per weekend to approx. € 32.69 per week per lodge tent).


Amusement park & Tiki Pool discount rates

 April untill October

 Access amusement park


 Tiki Pool discount rate per two hours access

€ 5.-  

 Tiki Pool discount rate per three hours access

€ 6.-  

 Tiki Pool discount rate per four hours access

€ 7.-  

 Per 60 minutes extra access

€ 2.- 


 November untill March

 Access Tiki Pool



Extra comfort

 Set of towels (two towels)

 € 5.50  

 Kitchen towels (two tea towels and one towel)

  € 5.-  

 Child’s bed/linen/chair per day*

 € 5.-* 

 Playpen per day*

 € 3.-*  

 Extra car/motorcycle per night

 € 4.-   

 * Only rentable for the whole stay. Prices and information are subject to change without notice. Apparent errors are not binding.

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