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Safety rules Tiki Pool

The Tiki Pool is no ‘ordinary’ swimming pool; it’s a waterslide paradise packed with spectacular and fast attractions. Safety is paramount here! We have several extra safety rules on top of those of regular swimming pools for the safety of you and your children. Please observe the following rules during your visit.

Floatation devices for those under the height of 1.20 m (4ft)

  • Wearing a floatation device (i.e. water wings, float suits, rubber rings, baby floats, corks) is mandatory for anyone under a height of 1.20 m (4ft), even when he/she is in the possession of a swimming certificate. Besides good swimming skills it is important to have a minimum length to be defensible in the fast slides and flows.
  • A flotation device is also mandatory for everyone who does not possess a swimming certificate.
  • Water wings are available for € 3.50 per set from the register at the Tiki Pool and from the Duinrell Superstore. You may also bring your own flotation device.
  • Children under 12 years of age will only be allowed entry to the Tiki Pool if accompanied by an adult.

Height and weight requirements

The following table states the waterslides you and your children may use safely:

 Slides & pools

 Padding pool                                              max. 1.20 m
 Lazy River
 Wave pool  -
 Outdoor pool
 Other pools
 Green Barracuda                    
  max 100 kg
 Blue Shark                                
 max 100 kg
  min. 1.20 m - max 100 kg
 Moonlight       min. 1.20 m - max 100 kg
 Cannon Ball                                             
  min. 1.20 m *
 Pelican dive                                           
 min. 1.20 m *
  min. 1.20 m - max. 100 kg *
min. 1.50 m - max 100 kg
 min. 1.50 m - max 100 kg
min 1.50 m - max 100 kg
min 1.50 m - max 110 kg
*At least a certificate of the ABC swimming diplomas.


If you have certain physical complaints, such as pregnancy, back or neck problems, or heart problems, we advise that you do not make use of our water attractions. Please always put your own health first.

Instructions from the staff

In addition to the above rules, we ask that you follow the instructions posted at the slides and those issued by our staff.
Swimming is only permitted in proper swimwear. In the case of swimwear wih more than 70% polyamide, accelerated wear and tear may occur due to use of the slides.