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Day trip through South Holland

Enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding countryside, the interesting cities or a day out at the beach. Walking, cycling, sunbathing; everything is possible in the wonderful nature reserve in and around the woodlands and dunes of Duinrell. Discover the spectacular surroundings in the middle of the green belt of Holland. Duinrell is the perfect spot to start your trip through South Holland.

Woodlands and dunes of Duinrell

Duinrell has 55 acres of beautiful woodlands and dunes where you can enjoy walking or running. A watchtower brings you to the highest point of South Holland for a spectacular view over the park and surroundings.

Sun, sea and sand

Less than five kilometres away is the wide North Sea beach. This beach is easy to reach by a special beach bus (only available in July and August)! Want to try something new? The internationally renowned seaside resort “Scheveningen” is situated within fifteen kilometres from Duinrell.

The bulb-growing area

The famous bulb-growing area is just north of Duinrell. In the spring the bulb fields are in full bloom. A visit to the bulb-growing area, the flower parade and the Keukenhof flower park is definitely worth making. Be sure to enjoy ‘Zomerhof’ at the Keukenhof in the fall.

Local sights

Local sights include Leiden, the Miniature city of Madurodam, Museon museum or Corpus.

Leiden, Key to Discovery

The canals, the historical buildings, the alleyways, the treasuries of knowledge, culture and science: Leiden is definitely worth seeing. Meet Leiden, Key to Discovery.

Soldaat van Oranje - The Musical.

This musical tells the famous story of the dutch soldier Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema and is based on his book Soldier of Orange. Theater, film and music come together in a stunning 360 degree theatre surrounded by the biggest set ever seen. The TheaterHangar is located on Airport Valkenburg - a 10 minute drive from Duinrell. Info & tickets: www.soldaatvanoranje.nl

Culture and history within an arm’s reach

Duinrell is located in Wassenaar, a picturesque village with a historic centre and a lively shopping centre. Right nearby is the city of The Hague, a place that will lift the heart of anyone with a love for culture and history. The many splendid museums, the old downtown area and of course the Binnenhof are well worth a visit. Real museum lovers will not want to miss a day trip to Leiden, a city known for its many interesting museums.