A splashing day out or a fun family holiday

Food and beverages

Did the thrills and excitement get you hungry and thirsty? You’ll find lots of locations where you can get a snack and a drink in the amusement park.

La Place restaurant Schaapskooi

La Place restaurant Schaapskooi is situated in the centre of the amusement park. From the terrace you’ll have a great view of the nostalgic playground. The buffet offers you herb cheese sandwiches and meat or fish from the grill, as well as delicious smoothies and fresh juices.

La Place Take away at ‘de Schaapskooi’

For the best fries and snacks, visit the Take away at de Schaapskooi. You’ll find picnic tables under an awning, to keep you dry when it rains. Naturally you can also visit the Take away for a great cup of La Place coffee or ice cream.

Take away Paardenstal

For small appetites and lunch, Take away Paardenstal serves snacks, fries, coffee and tea. Enjoy the cosy patio, with a view on the Aqua Shute, on sunny days .

Take away Splash

The terrace of the Take away Splash offers you a spectacular view of attractions Splash, Falcon and Mad Mill. Enjoy delicious snacks, fries a cup of coffee, smoothies and juices in the cool shade of the trees.

Duinrell Plaza

Want to avoid traffic and regain your breath after a fun filled day in the amusement park? In Duinrell Plaza, centrally located at the estate, houses three La Place restaurants.

La Place restaurant Duinrell Plaza

This self-service restaurant is open even after the amusement park’s opening hours. End your outing with dinner at this pleasant restaurant. La Place Restaurant Duinrell Plaza is a healthy and profitable choice.

Buffet restaurant Toscane

Buffet restaurant Toscane is also open after opening hours of the amusement park. While traffic jams dissolve you and your family enjoy the family buffet for an inexpensive rate. Children get their dinner from the special children’s buffet.

Take away Duinrell Plaza

For a quick and easy meal. This Take away is also opened during the night and offers you a profitable alternative.


Fancy some delicious authentic "poffertjes"? These delicacies pancakes are prepared in the authentic way at the "Oudhollandse Poffertjeskraam" which you will find opposite the Locomotion. Delicious with icing, sugar and butter.

Pancakes at the carrousel

A good pancake is always a treat. Enjoy yours at one of the tables around the old Carrousel. You’ll get into a nostalgic state of mind for sure!


Picnicing is allowed at the park at the various designated areas. Check the park map for these special locations.